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//Government to Introduce ‘Dragon’s Den’ Procurement Process

Government to Introduce ‘Dragon’s Den’ Procurement Process

The government is reforming its ICT procurement process to reduce complexity, cut costs and encourage SME’s to bid for contracts as well as larger companies. Previous government procurement systems were criticised for being complicated and expensive, and were often limited to large corporate companies.

The government is hoping to encourage more small companies to bid for government business by breaking projects down into more manageable sizes and introducing ‘Dragon’s Den’ style events where innovative small businesses can pitch ideas for ICT delivery or other improvements to civil servants.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said:

“SMEs can offer Government more innovative, more flexible and more cost effective products and services, but we know they often find it difficult to bring their ideas to our attention.”

As part of the reform, the govenment is aiming to award 25% of all contracts to SME’s.

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