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Gateshead Council awarded for commitment to staff development

Distance Learning College and Training recently announced the winners of their Annual Awards, revealing Gateshead Council had been selected as the winner of the Organisation of the Year 2012. The criteria for entries included a demonstration of outstanding commitment to staff development; we received several high calibre nominations for this category and our independent judging... - Read more

Posted: March 18th 2013 in DLC Features

This Edition’s Feature Institute – Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM)

The Institute of Supply Chain Management was formed as the first international institute representing the interests of the supply chain industry across the world and truly encompassing all aspects of supply chain operations from purchasing to manufacturing, logistics to general management. The institute’s key objective is to reinforce and promote best practice and exceptionally high... - Read more

Posted: December 17th 2012 in Supply Chain Management

Why Investing in Employee Development Still Makes Financial Sense

Forward thinking companies are aware that their future success rests in the development of their employees. Whether it be management training programmes or industry qualifications your investment in developing your employee’s skills produces innovative, focused, productive and qualified people who can contribute in a positive way to the success of your organisation. Employee’s who study,... - Read more

Posted: December 17th 2012 in Education & Training

Boom in Demand for Purchasing Professionals

Demand for purchasing and procurement professionals at all levels has increased sharply compared to 2010, according to figures published by CIPS and recruitment agency Hays Procurement. The figures showed that demand for purchasing officers has risen by 200 per cent, with a 75 per cent increase in demand for purchasing managers. The salaries offered were... - Read more

Posted: November 1st 2011 in Purchasing & Procurement

Businesses Taking Longer to Pay Suppliers

Businesses took longer to pay their suppliers in Q3 compared to Q2, according to figures released this week. Data released by Experian showed that companies were taking on average a day longer to complete payments than they did earlier in the year. The average time for a payment to be received was 26 days after... - Read more

Posted: October 20th 2011 in Business & Economy

Government ‘Should Fund Training’ for Redundant Public Sector Workers

More than two thirds of learning and development specialists believe that the government should set aside a fund to provide business skills training for redundant public sector workers. A survey conducted at this week’s World of Learning Conference revealed that many people do not believe redundant public sector employees have the necessary skills to find... - Read more

Posted: September 30th 2011 in Education & Training

Military Procurement Should Be Recognised Career Option

Military equipment purchasing should be recognised as a professional career path for officers, a Labour party review has said. The review, conducted by the Shadow Defence Team, recommends the creation of a Weapons Engineering Service to manage the training, pay and career development of military purchasing staff, and has suggested that this should be a part-civilian,... - Read more

Posted: September 22nd 2011 in Purchasing & Procurement

Be a Better Manager: Five Ways to Improve Your Management Skills

Management skills are gaining increasing focus in the business world – in times of economic trouble, good management can have a huge impact on employee morale and productivity, enabling companies to successfully make the changes they need to weather the storm. Despite the important part managers play in helping businesses emerge from the recession stronger,... - Read more

Posted: September 21st 2011 in Management

Are You Making These 5 Common Distance Learning Mistakes?

Distance learning offers high levels of flexibility that allow people to study and gain qualifications when their circumstances won’t allow them to attend college or university classes. However, there are some common pitfalls which many students encounter – recognising and dealing with these potential problems can help to make your distance learning studies go more... - Read more

Posted: September 20th 2011 in Education & Training

More Companies Using E-Learning for Organisational Change

An increasing number of businesses are relying on learning technology to help their business move forward, according to a Towards Maturity benchmarking study. The survey shows an increasing number of companies focusing on e-learning as a way to help them respond quickly to change and cope with the unpredictable economic climate. The move to e-learning... - Read more

Posted: September 19th 2011 in Education & Training


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