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Secure success this December!

It’s December and with the new year looming, it’s the perfect time to focus on your professional development and how you’re going to ensure success in 2017. Studying a distance learning course is a big decision. We understand. But with Distance Learning College and Training’s flexible courses and unrivalled support, it’s never been a better... - Read more

Posted: December 19th 2016 in General

Receive the gift of knowledge this Christmas!

Here at Distance Leaning College and Training we are dedicated to you and your professional development through distance learning courses and online training this December, so we’re giving hundreds of students the opportunity to receive the gift of knowledge. Enrol on a supply chain qualification with Distance Learning College before Christmas and you could receive a FREE iPad... - Read more

Posted: December 16th 2016 in General

You can’t afford to wait until January to enrol in Distance Learning…

    It’s almost time, the Christmas rush is fast approaching. Here at Distance Learning College and Training we understand that your time is limited throughout November and December. Focusing on preparing for the festive season to take over. This means that we tend to fall into bad habits, placing important decisions on hold until after... - Read more

Posted: November 15th 2016 in General

Top reasons why students choose to learn with DLC

Here at Distance Learning College & Training, or DLC as we’re sometimes known, we provide private training and distance learning courses. We’re particularly proud to be the largest provider of distance learning supply chain qualifications in the UK with students not just here in England but in over 101 countries around the world!   To... - Read more

Posted: October 11th 2016 in DLC Features

Make social media work for you!

Get Social Love it or hate it, social media is gradually becoming a fundamental part of our daily routine. You may be addicted to your social networks or have a cooler approach and use it informatively, but whatever your social engagement, use it wisely and social media can have a huge impact on your learning... - Read more

Posted: June 28th 2016 in General

Are you a punctuation pro?

Punctuation is a funny old thing, as it’s commonly used incorrectly but strangely it’s one of the first things we learn during our younger years. It’s vital to get punctuation correct, which is why we’ve pulled together a few of the most commonly used punctuation marks, to turn you into punctuation pro. Possessive Apostrophes: We’re... - Read more

Posted: June 16th 2016 in General

6 simple tips to help edit your work

It may sound silly or even a pointless exercise to some, but taking the time to sit down and re read your work is vital; especially when it comes to submitting coursework, as the smallest mistake could cost you your qualification! To avoid any embarrassing mistakes or misinterpretations take a look at our top 6... - Read more

Posted: June 7th 2016 in General

10 surprising words invented by authors

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘wordsmith’ being used to describe authors, but did you know that some authors actually invented some of the words we use on a daily basis? Take a look below at 10 words created by authors over the centuries; you may even get the odd surprise!     Superman Author:... - Read more

Posted: May 20th 2016 in General

Female Directors on the rise

A recent study found that gender equality within the boardroom is on the rise (32.5%), especially in Nordic countries; however this isn’t the case throughout Europe. The rise in female board members can be linked to a law which was passed in Norway a decade ago. This stated a requirement of a 40% representation of... - Read more

Posted: May 6th 2016 in Business & Economy

Tired of sitting? Why not try a standing desk

Are you tired of sitting for over 8 hours at your desk? Well, there could be a solution. Have you ever thought of investing in a standing desk? It may not only benefit your posture but also your health. In fact, the American Cancer Society has established a link between sitting and obesity due to... - Read more

Posted: April 22nd 2016 in General