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Autumn magazine out now!

The wait is over; our Autumn edition of DLC Digest is now available to download direct from our site (please see the link below). To entertain you on these crisp and chilly nights we have an array of features such as: Study Tips, Ask a Mentor and Employee Focus, allowing you the chance to become... - Read more

Posted: November 24th 2015 in General

Distance Learning or the Classroom?

We could be seen as having a vested interest in showing you the benefits of distance learning compared to the classroom but don’t take our word for it, take a look below and find out for yourself. Passive Learning: Classroom – In a classroom setting those who are more confident tend to dominate conversations and... - Read more

Posted: November 16th 2015 in General

Christmas Unwrapped

Welcome to DLC’s Christmas Unwrapped – a Christmas campaign like no other! So, what exactly does it entail? Unlike other companies we won’t be offering you a ‘one off’ gift but 12 consecutive festive freebies as a thank you for enrolling onto one of our globally recognised qualifications – just like the 12 days of... - Read more

Posted: November 10th 2015 in General

Proud to support the Armed Forces -Award Winners!

We are thrilled to announce that Distance Learning College have been awarded with another award and this time it was the Nationwide Resettlement award for Best Academic Course Provider Catering for Service Leavers. The inaugural awards ceremony acknowledged those offering top quality support to service leavers including: advice, re-training and employment as well as celebrating... - Read more

Posted: November 10th 2015 in General

Scandinavian standards could change world

The Scandinavian countries may differ geographically, financially and even culturally but when it comes to corporate social responsibility – especially when it comes to dealing with distant suppliers – they have something in common… CSR spotlight Corporate social responsibility (CSR) – including both environmental and ethical aspects – is particularly important to Scandinavian governments, the... - Read more

Posted: September 29th 2015 in General

The Transformation of the Workplace

Business offices have changed over the centuries as management theory, materials and technology have evolved. The pace of this change is increasing, and the nature of the change now includes where and how people work together. Of course, technology has had material changes on how we work; all we need to do is imagine the... - Read more

Posted: September 29th 2015 in General

Top ten tips to improve your creativity

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful company today. For many companies, however, the pursuit of innovative ideas is missing a key element: creativity. Nurturing your creative self is the only way to truly unlock your strategic mind and bring your business skills to bear in new, meaningful ways that can benefit your entire organization.... - Read more

Posted: September 29th 2015 in General

Academic Vs Professional

A question has been struggling to get to the surface, on the lips of all those aspiring to further qualification throughout the land. Which is the better qualification Academic or Professional? This is the definitive showdown… Academic Vs Professional Tale of the tape: The Academic Focus: Research Prerequisite: Academic qualification Knowledge: Heavily specialised The Professional... - Read more

Posted: September 9th 2015 in General

Evolution of the supply chain selfie

When you hear the word selfie, what images are conjured? A coarse Kardashian perhaps?  A timid teen fishing for approval? Some other poor alliterative phrase? But, the selfie is much more than that, it is a folk art. That’s a big claim but, it is clear that the selfie is all around us. Expanding the... - Read more

Posted: August 27th 2015 in General

How to Rescue Your Career

If you’re reading this then odds are you are stranded in the sea of job dissatisfaction, lost in the mountains of underachievement, or even stuck in the burning building of unemployment. “Nope, not me, I’m perfectly content with my career” – Said nobody, ever. You know you ought to strive for constant improvement But don’t... - Read more

Posted: August 27th 2015 in General