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Top ten tips to improve your creativity

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful company today. For many companies, however, the pursuit of innovative ideas is missing a key element: creativity. Nurturing your creative self is the only way to truly unlock your strategic mind and bring your business skills to bear in new, meaningful ways that can benefit your entire organization.... - Read more

Posted: September 29th 2015 in General

Academic Vs Professional

A question has been struggling to get to the surface, on the lips of all those aspiring to further qualification throughout the land. Which is the better qualification Academic or Professional? This is the definitive showdown… Academic Vs Professional Tale of the tape: The Academic Focus: Research Prerequisite: Academic qualification Knowledge: Heavily specialised The Professional... - Read more

Posted: September 9th 2015 in General

Evolution of the supply chain selfie

When you hear the word selfie, what images are conjured? A coarse Kardashian perhaps?  A timid teen fishing for approval? Some other poor alliterative phrase? But, the selfie is much more than that, it is a folk art. That’s a big claim but, it is clear that the selfie is all around us. Expanding the... - Read more

Posted: August 27th 2015 in General

How to Rescue Your Career

If you’re reading this then odds are you are stranded in the sea of job dissatisfaction, lost in the mountains of underachievement, or even stuck in the burning building of unemployment. “Nope, not me, I’m perfectly content with my career” – Said nobody, ever. You know you ought to strive for constant improvement But don’t... - Read more

Posted: August 27th 2015 in General

The Top Ten Factors of Employee Satisfaction

New research from Reed.co.uk reveals the average age workers experience career contentment is 32. A person’s 30’s is the most important decade as people are more likely to find fulfilment at work as well as in their relationships – with most getting married in their 30’s. The survey also found that it takes an average... - Read more

Posted: August 27th 2015 in General

An Award For Distance Learning!

Distance Learning College are the proud recipients of this year’s Acquisition International’s Business Excellence Award “Since 2010, Acquisition International Magazine’s annual awards have been highlighting the amazing work done by those firms and individuals whose ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses has seen them forge ahead of... - Read more

Posted: August 20th 2015 in General

The End Of University?

Graduate qualification is at saturation point as the majority of UK graduates work in jobs that don’t require degrees. The latest CIPD research shows that over 58% of graduates are working in non-graduate roles. There are simply not enough ‘highly-skilled entry level’ roles and many higher level positions requiring an industry experience which most graduates cannot... - Read more

Posted: August 19th 2015 in General

The magazine is ready!

The summer is here! And with it the latest edition of our quarterly magazine. As always, there is something for everyone, whether you crave industry news, the latest processes, motivational lists, hints to help you study… Or just want to do a quick crossword. This is the magazine for you. In this issue we discover... - Read more

Posted: August 18th 2015 in General

Holly Dunsmure: My Success Story

‘I’m here to talk to you about my success story… So far’ Having advanced through four stages of professional qualification: from CIPS Diploma to the Advanced Diploma through to the Professional Diploma and is currently on track to achieve her MCIPS, Holly is the perfect person to talk about success. How is success achieved, what... - Read more

Posted: August 17th 2015 in General

Philip Chaganis OBE: ‘Inspiring Leadership – A Different Slant’

‘People must see what you bring, then and only then, will they follow you’ As chairman of the Institute of Supply Chain Management, Philip is no stranger to success. He began a long and illustrious career in logistics in 1969 with the British Army, where he served until 2004. He was occupied with a wide... - Read more

Posted: August 11th 2015 in General