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Armed forces Corporate Covenant

Distance Learning College has a history of providing quality services to ex-forces personnel, which is why we are proud to announce our armed forces Corporate Covenant agreement. The Corporate Covenant acts as a declaration of our support for the Armed Forces and each individual within it. We commit to the eradication of the disadvantages service... - Read more

Posted: June 19th 2015 in General

Ashleigh Bulbeck: Embracing Diversity and Building for Success

Ashleigh Bulbeck: Embracing Diversity for Success (13:35) and Building for Success (15:00) With over 15 years experience in management and HR/L&D, Ashleigh is highly regarded within the field of learning and organisation development. Not only that, Ashleigh also holds a CIPD post graduate diploma in leaning and development. In short, she knows what she’s talking... - Read more

Posted: June 19th 2015 in General

Philip Chaganis OBE: Inspiring Leadership

Philip Chaganis OBE: Inspiring Leadership – A Different Slant- 16:00 As chairman of the Institute of Supply Chain Management, Philip is no stranger to success. He began a long and illustrious career in logistics in 1969 with the British Army, where he served until 2004. He was occupied with a wide range of increasingly demanding... - Read more

Posted: June 18th 2015 in General

Bethany Fovargue – Seeking Success

Bethany Fovargue : Seeking Success – 13:35 Three and a half years ago Bethany moved into an entry level position at Data interchange. In May of this year, she picked up Multimodal’s Woman of the Year Award. How does somebody achieve so much so quickly? Through a varied profile and an indefatigable spirit, Bethany has... - Read more

Posted: June 17th 2015 in General

Marianne Page – How to be Successful

Marianne Page: How to be successful – 13:15 For a quarter of a century, Marianne stood out in a global organisation with 420,000 employees. Over these years, Marianne performed impeccably within a multitude of different roles, demonstrating many diverse skills in her mission to promote success. Rather than give you a detailed rundown of her... - Read more

Posted: June 16th 2015 in General

DLC Training Success Rally – THE Event of the Year!

  From 3:30 – 4 there will be an afternoon break. It will consist of: • Chocolate Donuts • Jam Donuts • Vanilla Milkshake • Popcorn, Refreshments See you there! You want more? Really? More reason to come along than the promise of half an hour specifically dedicated to these delicious delicacies? Ok, I see... - Read more

Posted: June 1st 2015 in General

The Power of Three

We all know that things are inherently funnier, more satisfying or more effective when they come in threes. You can see this rule of three everywhere: rock, paper, scissors, three musketeers, and red, blue, green, to name but three. But why is this the case? The answer is quite simple. Blind Melon put it best... - Read more

Posted: May 28th 2015 in General

The Value of a Vocational Qualification

By Paul Fahey – Student Progression Champion A chat with one of our students recently highlighted to me, more than ever, the significance and value of lifelong learning and professional development. In fairness to the student, and to the various institutes we deal with, my version of events will be far vaguer than the version... - Read more

Posted: May 5th 2015 in DLC Features

Supply Chain Selfie – Help us raise £10,000!

Distance Learning College & Training are proud to provide supply chain training in over 47 countries around the world and it’s our students, our business sponsors and those of you working hard in the supply chain that are the key to the success and growth of your organisations. At Distance Learning College we want to... - Read more

Posted: April 21st 2015 in Import & Export

Thinking about progressing your career?

When was the last time your thought about advancing your career? This morning? Yesterday? Last Week? … it’s probably been quite recently as this is the natural thought process for anyone with ambition and wanting to move forward and improve their prospects. You may feel that in order to move forward professionally you will need to look outside of your... - Read more

Posted: April 10th 2015 in DLC Features

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