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5 Statistics That’ll Make You Think Twice About Workforce Development

Workforce development and employee training is an often overlooked business investment, and it’s more important to workers than employers probably realise. We’ve found the most surprising statistics that might make you think twice about failing to develop your workforce… 74% of employees feel like they’re not reaching [...]

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Female Directors on the rise

A recent study found that gender equality within the boardroom is on the rise (32.5%), especially in Nordic countries; however this isn’t the case throughout Europe. The rise in female board members can be linked to a law which was passed in Norway a decade ago. This [...]

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37% of employees planning to change their job in 2015!

  GOT YOUR ATTENTION? Don't let your company be negatively affected by the resignation of dissatisfied and demotivated staff, I can help by establishing your staff's needs, your company's needs and ensuring these are met in a positive way to enable you to enjoy a profitable and [...]

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