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9 Myths About Distance Learning

As the ways in which people can learn and gain qualifications continues to evolve, so does the challenge of choosing the correct route for you. It doesn’t help that many less-traditional methods of study often have a certain stigma surrounding them, making it difficult to truly know [...]

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7 Ways to Ensure Online Learning Success – National Online Learning Day

Friday 15th September 2017 is National Online Learning Day. It's a chance to recognise that online environments provide students the opportunity to learn almost anything, from anywhere, at any time. Cultivating awareness of and support for the ever-growing community of online learners, Online Learning Day applauds the [...]

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Referencing – A Quick Guide

The use of a bibliography and referencing is essential to meet the academic requirements of studying. There are many forms of referencing; one of the most popular methods is the Harvard Referencing System. The following are reasons why you must reference your work: As a form of courtesy to the originator [...]

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What qualification level matches your intended job role?

Struggling to decide which level is the best for you? This handy graph will help you!    (Click the picture to view a larger version) However if you would like to speak to someone about your own personal background and receive further information on what level would [...]

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The Evolution of Online Schooling

Distance learning has existed for many decades. In its early stages, online classes consisted of transcriptions of class lectures. Then the availability of online education increased substantially when people and many organizations started taking the advantage of computers and explored the possibilities of Internet. Today, online education [...]

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Why Investing in Employee Development Still Makes Financial Sense

Forward thinking companies are aware that their future success rests in the development of their employees. Whether it be management training programmes or industry qualifications your investment in developing your employee’s skills produces innovative, focused, productive and qualified people who can contribute in a positive way to [...]

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