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Logistics Jobs ‘More Enjoyable than Music Industry’

People working in logistics enjoy their jobs more than any other industry, according to a recent survey. Employment website the Job Crowd asked over 500 young professionals to rate their jobs on factors such as enjoyment, progression, responsibility, colleagues and company. The logistics industry came highest, beating the more glamorous performing arts and music industry... - Read more

Posted: June 16th 2011 in Logistics & Transport

What is FCILT? Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Membership Grades

FCILT stands for Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. The FCILT acronym is used as a postnominal (letters after a person’s name). FCILT is one of a number of membership grades within the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Gaining any one of these grades is a symbol of your status within... - Read more

Posted: March 22nd 2011 in Logistics & Transport

Logistics Training – What CILT Qualifications can do for you

What is logistics? In simple terms, logistics deals with the movement of goods from one place to another – for example, moving raw materials from their place of origin to a factory, and then distributing the finished product to retailers for sale. When asked for a definition of logistics, most people think of transportation, but... - Read more

Posted: February 18th 2011 in Logistics & Transport

HGV driver vacancies up 130% in October

Vacancies for transport jobs reached a three year high in October, with more than double the number of unfilled jobs for HGV drivers this year than were available at the same time in 2009. In order to avoid driver shortages, it was suggested that employers can make use of the coalition government’s focus on “Adult... - Read more

Posted: December 8th 2010 in Logistics & Transport

DLC & Training’s Work With the United Nations

In addition to providing courses to individuals and businesses, Distance Learning College & Training are proud to be a supplier to the United Nations, providing training to UN employees involved in peacekeeping missions around the globe. DLC & Training supply training courses in warehousing, specially created for the United Nations.  The courses cover the fundamentals... - Read more

Posted: November 1st 2010 in Logistics & Transport

DLC Help United Nations To Improve Logistics

The logistics training Distance Learning College and Training have been delivering to the UN has been such a success that it is set to continue for the next three years. Training has been delivered for the United Nations Global Logistics Base (UNLB) in Brindisi, Italy since 2008 to upskill warehousing, procurement and asset management staff... - Read more

Posted: May 23rd 2010 in Logistics & Transport