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What are the differences between a CMI and ILM Management Qualification?

The main differences between the two are; • Course content – what each unit covers; • The number of units required to complete the qualification; • The depth of each unit, reflected in the credit value of each unit. ILM will require you to complete more units as the credit value for each is usually around 3 to 5,... - Read more

Posted: March 30th 2015 in Management

Be a Better Manager: Five Ways to Improve Your Management Skills

Management skills are gaining increasing focus in the business world – in times of economic trouble, good management can have a huge impact on employee morale and productivity, enabling companies to successfully make the changes they need to weather the storm. Despite the important part managers play in helping businesses emerge from the recession stronger,... - Read more

Posted: September 21st 2011 in Management

Guest Post: When Management Training Turns Bad

In this guest post, Adi Gaskell, Editor of the Chartered Management Institute’s Management Blog, explains why management training should always be balanced with other career development opportunities to make the most of its benefits… It has become almost gospel that management training is a positive thing.  It boosts skills, improves employee engagement and enables your... - Read more

Posted: June 16th 2011 in Management

Mobile Technology Adds Three Weeks to Working Year

Mobile technology is creating a ‘grey area’ between people’s work and personal lives, with managers spending an average of 2.5 hours a week – adding up to three weeks over the course of a year – doing extra reading and research for their jobs. Research by the CMI has shown that the boom in smartphones... - Read more

Posted: May 23rd 2011 in Management

Can You ‘Teach Yourself’ Management?

Research released recently by the Forum of Private Business has shown that many businesses are opting for ‘do-it-yourself’ measures in place of formal management training. A leading academic has warned companies that they risk costing themselves more than they spend with this tactic in the long run. So is it a good idea to ‘do-it-yourself’... - Read more

Posted: May 23rd 2011 in Management

Warning as Businesses Cut Management Training

An academic has warned that businesses who try to implement ‘do-it-yourself’ training to save money on their training budgets could end up costing themselves more than they save. Research by the Forum of Private Business has shown that many businesses are not investing in management skills training, instead preferring to ‘teach themselves’ with informal training... - Read more

Posted: May 18th 2011 in Management

Apprentice’s Alan Sugar Voted “Coach From Hell”

Lord Alan Sugar has been crowned the UK’s nightmare career coach in a poll by the Institute of Leadership & Management. Just under a third (31%) of those surveyed chose The Apprentice boss, with Simon Cowell and Alex Ferguson taking second and third place. Richard Branson was the most popular choice for best coach. The... - Read more

Posted: May 11th 2011 in Management

Management Training Needed to Combat Workplace Risks

Appropriate management training should be given to avoid workplace risks, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. According to Roger Bibbings, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ occupational safety adviser, hazard assessments should also be undertaken by firms in their workplaces. Read full story on managers.org.uk…

Posted: March 7th 2011 in Management

Survey reveals widespread staff distrust of leaders

Employees suffering from cutbacks, redundancies and restructuring are losing trust in their managers, a survey has revealed. 32% of employees surveyed said they trusted their line managers less than they did this time last year, with the main reasons for lack of trust being that managers are “out of touch with what’s happening on the... - Read more

Posted: March 1st 2011 in Management

Management Training

Management training can be a valuable investment for individuals looking to move into a management position or for companies looking to improve their staff’s performance. About management training Trained managers have the knowledge and skills to get the most out of the people or processes they manage, increasing motivation, efficiency and profitability. A management qualification... - Read more

Posted: February 22nd 2011 in Management