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UK Employees are Most Motivated by Colleagues

A study has revealed that employees in the UK consider their work colleagues to be their main source of motivation and job satisfaction. A survey by training course comparison site FindCourses surveyed over 3000 employees in five countries. The results showed that 80% of UK employees listed their colleagues as their greatest source of motivation... - Read more

Posted: June 22nd 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

New focus on employee engagement as morale hits record low

The Government has recently launched its new Employee Engagement Taskforce, with the intention of boosting employee engagement in the UK. The launch comes at a time when many businesses are increasing their focus on employee motivation. Employee engagement in the UK is at a record low, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s... - Read more

Posted: May 23rd 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

Employers Struggling to Recruit Amid Skills Shortages

Many employers are finding it difficult to recruit staff with the right skills despite high levels of unemployment, leading to calls for increased training, particularly for young people. Research by the People 1st Training Company revealed that a quarter of businesses are struggling to find the right calibre of staff. The research revealed that despite... - Read more

Posted: May 9th 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

Increasing Numbers of Employers Planning to Recruit

Confidence is returning as an increasing number of employers are now planning to take on permanent staff members. According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s latest JobsOutlook survey, more than a third of employers indicated that they would be increasing their permanent workforce over the next 12 months. A further 64 percent of employers plan... - Read more

Posted: May 4th 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

Tribunal Reforms ‘Won’t Increase Recruitment’

The government’s plans to reform the employment tribunal system is unlikely to make employers more likely to recruit, a survey has shown. The planned reforms are designed to reduce red tape in an effort to encourage businesses to take on more staff, and include increasing the period of employment an employee must serve before being... - Read more

Posted: April 20th 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

What To Put In A Cover Letter

Many people are unsure of how to write a covering letter to go with a job application. As your cover letter is often the first impression you’ll make on a potential employer, it’s important to get it right to maximise your chances of getting an interview. The aim of your cover letter should be to... - Read more

Posted: April 13th 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

CBI: Tackle Regulations That Hold Back Small Businesses

The CBI has called on the government to tackle regulation which small businesses report as being barriers to recruitment. As 60% of private and family-owned firms have cite employment regulation as a barrier to job creation, the CBI is seeking to draw attention to the disproportionate impact some employment regulations have on smaller companies. CBI director-general... - Read more

Posted: March 3rd 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

CVs ‘should be tailored to each job application’

The president of the CareerBuilder job site has advised jobseekers to individually tailor their CV for each job they apply for. He said that sending out blanket CV’s to large numbers of employers was not likely to work well for those looking for new employment. Tony Roy said: “”Employers can spot spam a mile away.... - Read more

Posted: February 24th 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

Key Employment Law Changes for 2011

Be prepared for 2011 with our run-down of upcoming changes to employment legislation. Here are some of the major pieces of legislation which will affect employers in the coming year: Changes to Maternity and Paternity leave: Fathers of children with an expected week of birth on or after the 3rd April 2011 will be entitled... - Read more

Posted: January 24th 2011 in Recruitment & Employment

Job Search Checklist: Researching your Dream Job

Preparation is key to a successful job search – if you’ve decided to start looking for a new job here are some tips on what to do and how to get started to give yourself the best possible chance of landing a great new job. The best job searches are specific – deciding what you... - Read more

Posted: January 21st 2011 in Recruitment & Employment