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CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply is designed for those who have a significant level of experience working in a procurement and supply role. This CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply is made up of five units, three of which are compulsory with a further two optional allowing students to select the optional units most relevant to their procurement job role.

The Advanced Diploma introduces a range of management techniques relevant to those working in procurement and supply. This qualification helps students to develop creative solutions and approaches to the purchasing function.

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Course Overview

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for those who have a significant level of experience working in a purchasing and supply role, or who have completed previous CIPS procurement qualifications.

The course covers the following areas;
  • Ethical purchasing management (CIPS ethical codes)
  • Organisational structures & culture
  • Decision making (pareto, fishbone, SWOT, cost/benefit analysis)
  • Managing change
  • Risk management procedures
  • Supply chain vulnerability
  • Developing supplier performance
  • Improving supply chain efficiency (Kaizen)
  • Technology in purchasing (EPOS, e-sourcing, EFT)

How does the course work?

Study Time

You can study at a pace to suit you; the more time you spend per week studying, the faster you will be able to complete the course. Your tutor will create a timetable for you, and will set you work and assignments to complete each week. If you can spend around 3 hours a week studying, you should be able to complete the course in 24 months for the Advanced Diploma.


You will sit a three hour written exam for each of the five units. CIPS exams must be sat at an approved CIPS centre.

Qualification Received

You will receive the CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply.

Your Course Fee Includes
  • Tuition
  • Study Materials
  • 12 Month Institute Membership
  • VAT

Unit Breakdown

Course Structure

The course is made up of five units, three mandatory units and two optional units.

Mandatory Units
Management in Procurement and Supply
This unit Introduces the student to organisational behaviour, the theories of organisation as well management impacting on motivation and job satisfaction. This unit also looks at: individual differences and diversity, cooperation, conflict and training and development. The unit covers: learning, recruitment, selection and HRM. It also addresses the regulatory framework and procurement in the private and third sectors.
Managing Risks in Supply Chains
This unit looks at: risk identification, assessment and management strategies in the supply chain. It addresses: project risks, planning, implementation and control whilst giving students an understanding of the importance of contingency planning, CSP and sustainability.
Improving the Competitiveness of Supply Chains
Looking at the infrastructure of procurement and supply, this unit covers: total quality management, performance data and techniques to develop the supply chain in order to pursue both a cost and competitive advantage in the marketplace, as well as supply chains and supply chain management. Students will learn about collaborative improvement and innovation and become aware of technology tools and approaches to supply chain improvement.
Optional Units
Category Management in Procurement and Supply
This unit is designed to give an understanding of the key definitions within procurement and supply; planning, implementing and managing processes is a large part of this unit, with students gaining an understanding of supply market factors, the strategic acquisition process and routes to the supply chain. It covers the importance of: working with stakeholders, managing contracts/ suppliers, how to manage risks, volatility and exits.
Sustainability in Supply Chains
This unit gives and introduction to sustainability and the issues and initiatives within the supply chain. It also gives the student a fuller understanding of the impact on the ability to manage supply chain complexity and compliance. The unit looks at: developing responsible procurement, sustainable performance measures and contingency plans.
Operations Management in Supply Chain
This unit is aimed at providing individuals with a clear understanding of the roles and activities of operations management, as well as the objectives and strategies of operations management. It also looks at: operations processes, planning and control, techniques to improve performance and quality management. Students will also learn the importance of process design and technology as well as product and service design.

Unparalleled Support

Your personal learning support team are available to provide you with all of the support and guidance you need to get the most out of your course, this includes:

Your Personal Tutor

All of our tutors are industry experts with years of experience both working in similar roles to your own and providing first class tutorial support to students completing qualifications via distance learning. With Distance Learning College you are guaranteed to receive continuous feedback on your progress, expert advice and support tailored to your individual needs from your tutor. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your course and achieve your potential. You can contact your tutor via email, phone or post.

Your Mentor

Your mentor will be on hand throughout your course from start to finish to ensure you receive all of the support you need. Our mentors have extensive experience in helping students to manage their learning around other home and work commitments. Their support ensures you make continuous progress and achieve the best possible results.

Student Support Team

Our student support team will take the hassle out of contacting awarding bodies, arranging exams, ordering materials and booking you onto student support seminars so that you can focus your time on your learning.

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