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We understand that getting back into education after a long period of time can be daunting but we’re here to help! All of our student support packages are tailored to meet your individual needs to help you reach your maximum potential. Our success rates are some of the best in the industry so you’re in good hands.

You will be assigned a tutor from our Tutor Team who are made up of highly qualified professionals with teaching qualifications and a background and proven experience in your chosen sector. Your tutor will provide the following throughout your studies: course work feedback, help to prepare assignments, exam techniques, exam preparation and unbeatable support.

All of our courses include unlimited tutor support. Before you start your studies you will complete a telephone induction with a member of the Student Support Team. You will then be contacted by your Student Mentor who introduces themselves and answers any questions you may have. You can schedule a call with a member of the Tutor Team by contacting Student Services, who will book this in for you. During the course, contact with your tutor will be made by email or over the phone. We encourage that you contact your Mentor by phone at least once a month to talk through any issues and the progress you are making on your course.

You will receive feedback on your work submissions which are uploaded onto the Learning Hub. You will receive written feedback and have the option of scheduling a telephone call with your tutor to discuss any queries you may have.

Once you have enrolled you will be given a target end date, however due to the flexibility of our courses you may finish your studies before this date.

We understand that sometimes our students may need to take a break in their studies due to personal circumstances or work commitments. If you need to take a break in your studies you can discuss this with your Student Mentor who will discuss the option of placing your studies on hold for a fixed period of time.

Yes, becoming an institute member enables you to obtain your chosen qualification and opens the door to wide range of information sources and support to help your studies and career. It’s easy to gain membership. All you have to do is complete the form we send you at the enrolment stage and then your Student Liaison Officer will arrange and maintain your membership on your behalf.

As soon as you’ve enrolled you can start straight away! Once you have received your Learning Hub log in details you can begin.

To enrol, you can enrol online or by phone on 0800 0126 770. Once the enrolment process is complete, most students are able to start their course within 2 weeks.

All of our qualifications are industry recognised and a statement of commitment and achievement which employers look out for. Also, any institute qualification at any level is a great addition to your CV!

If your employer is funding your studies we ask that they inform us of the person who will be your ‘Business Sponsor’. Your business sponsor will be provided with regular updates on your progress and will be contacted in regards to any extensions or delays in your studies. To maintain full confidentiality between our students and college we never share any of your course work submitted to your business sponsor.

The main differences between the two courses are course content such as: what each unit covers, number of units and credit values of each unit. ILM courses require you to complete more units, usually around 3-5 as the units are more condensed meaning you can complete them at a quicker pace. ILM qualifications may be favoured by companies within the public sector e.g. hospitals or councils. CMI qualifications tend to be favoured by companies within the private sector and have fewer units as the credit values are higher.

You can now access your IoSCM Gateway once you have received log in details from our student support team. You will need to log in to either the IoSCM Gateway or the learning site using your username and password to complete your induction. Upon completion of your induction the student support team will grant you access to your course units where you can begin your studies. A call will then be scheduled with your Student Mentor allowing them to introduce themselves and explain their role in further detail.

We adhere to clear guidelines and advice from our awarding bodies which states that students retain information better when they focus on each unit at a time. Also, our tutor’s can only order one book at a time and don’t wish to overwhelm you with mountains of study materials which aren’t needed. We can ensure you that all of our study materials are the latest editions and should any curriculum changes take place you will not be affected.Our success rate and results reflect the benefits of this method of study.

We provide a set duration of time which we feel will support you throughout your studies between 6 and 30 months dependent on your chosen course. These time frames are based on a minimum study of 3 hours a week but you may complete them quicker – it’s entirely your choice.

Please email our student support team on to reset your logins to the Learning Hub.

You can find all units available here on – you can also contact your student mentor.

Please contact the student support team and purchase a replacement copy of your materials.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will guide you through how to cancel your exam.

We encourage all students to progress to the next level of their course where available. For any up to date information on progression opportunities please contact your mentor who will be able to discuss this at the most appropriate time.