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Student Support through Distance Learning College and Training

At Distance Learning College & Training we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing the most dynamic student support in the industry. We know that success in your studies is only achieved through your dedication and desire to achieve and the quality of the: advice, guidance and support you receive from us. We believe in going the extra mile in everything we do, our aim is not just to help you to achieve your qualification but to develop your skills, knowledge and value to the organisation you work for.

Our Career Consultants

Our specialist Career Consultants support you to ensure you enrol on the best course to meet your needs. Whether your company are sponsoring your studies to help you develop your skills in the workplace or you’re looking to progress your career into new fields, our Career Consultants will take the time to understand your aims and objectives and advise you on the best options to achieve your goals.

Our Enrolment & Student Services Team

Once you have signed up to your course we know how eager you’ll be to get started.

Our Enrolment & Student Services team will get to work processing your enrolment and getting you ready to start your studies by ensuring you have all of your study material and provide you with access to the online Learning Hub. They will also support you by co-ordinating your institute membership for you so that you can concentrate on your studies, ensuring you receive your study materials for each unit as and when you need them and supporting you with booking exams.

Our Student Mentors

Our Student Mentors are here to act as a learning coach for you throughout your course. Everyone needs someone to lean on and your student mentor will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring you are receiving all of the support, encouragement and advice you need to make a success of your course.

Our Tuition Team

Our tuition team is made up of academic and industry experts so that you can be sure that the tutor guidance and feedback you get from your work submissions to support your learning is not only supporting you to achieve the qualification but also developing your workplace skills. Our tutors not only have extensive experience supporting students achieving there qualifications, but also have years of experience working within the professions they teach.

Our Business Support Team

If your company are funding your studies we will recommend that you nominate a business sponsor within your organisation to support you during your course, this will normally be your supervisor or line manager. Our Business Support team will keep in contact with your business sponsor updating them on your progress and informing them of any additional support your company could give you during your studies with us.