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Why Distance Learning?

//Why Distance Learning?
Why Distance Learning? 2017-08-20T19:42:20+00:00

Distance learning may seem a strange concept at first – learning at home, often without exams looming and always without a physical teacher or your peers. But trust us, these are the major benefits of distance learning courses.

It’s Flexible

Work whenever and wherever you want. No really, despite your current commitments, you can schedule your study time around friends, family, work and even hobbies. Our aim is to offer those who can’t dedicate themselves to full time education the opportunity to progress their career and develop their professional passions.

Sometimes, you just might not feel like studying. Others, you may have an unexpected emergency. And that’s okay. Distance Learning College and Training is entirely flexible so you’re only learning when you’re ready, and fully focused. We want your distance learning course to discover your full potential and secure your future in your chosen industry.

There’s No Travel

No more traffic jams, rushing for the bus or getting soaked  in the rain on your way to college. Your home is your classroom. You can get comfortable, boil the kettle and settle down at your computer whenever you like.

Whether that means you pull on your favourite pair of neon trousers, pyjamas or, even, go commando. That’s up to you. And it’s how you are most comfortable when studying.

We Offer Specialised Courses

The magic of distance learning is that you can work towards expertly designed, globally recognised qualifications anywhere in the world.

Distance Learning College and Training offers tailored support unique to your needs, giving you the advice and tuition to maximise your potential and succeed. No matter your learning style, we’ll customise the course to suit you and your goals.

We’re here to broaden your educational horizons and design the online course that gives you exactly what you need, to be exactly where you want to be.

Earn While You Learn

It may seem like a big commitment, and a big chunk of your time, but we guarantee it’ll be worth every assignment. Distance learning courses are modelled around your schedule. You can maintain financial independence and sustain your current career whilst studying for a bigger and brighter future.

You may even put your learning into practice straight away. Learn a new skill and use it in the workplace the next day, impressing your boss. The distance learning qualification expands your earning potential your next career step and makes you an exciting candidate for prospective employers.

In order to make our distance learning courses as accessible as possible, we offer a wide range of payment options to suit every need. Please click here for more information.

It’s Decision Time…

We told you didn’t we? There are endless benefits to distance learning courses and online learning. Especially with Distance Learning College and Training. Our customer-focused approach and unbeatble support offering is why we’re the number one choice for supply chain courses in the UK.

So, what are you waiting for? Call our dedicated, expert team today on 0800 0126 770. Secure your future with Distance Learning College and Training.