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//DLC Help United Nations To Improve Logistics

DLC Help United Nations To Improve Logistics

The logistics training Distance Learning College and Training have been delivering to the UN has been such a success that it is set to continue for the next three years.

Training has been delivered for the United Nations Global Logistics Base (UNLB) in Brindisi, Italy since 2008 to upskill warehousing, procurement and asset management staff from across the globe. The programme has been so successful that a rolling programme is now in place delivering training to teams twice a year for the next three years, with the option for the UN to increase this to five years.

The three day course, ‘Essential Warehousing’ , includes classroom based training and a supporting study guide. Covering the fundamentals of warehousing and inventory control in a modern and fast moving environment, the emphasis is on the need to move humanitarian aid and support equipment quickly over great distances and in challenging operating environments.

The programme has now been successfully delivered to employees based in Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Darfur, Chad, Rwanda, Pakistan and other places. Having completed the programme staff resume operations, delivering services in areas of conflict all over the world. The programme is ensuring a reduction in losses, damage to goods and waste and improving processing times – particularly critical in instances of aid distribution.

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