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//DLC & Training’s Work With the United Nations

DLC & Training’s Work With the United Nations

In addition to providing courses to individuals and businesses, Distance Learning College & Training are proud to be a supplier to the United Nations, providing training to UN employees involved in peacekeeping missions around the globe.

DLC & Training supply training courses in warehousing, specially created for the United Nations.  The courses cover the fundamentals of warehousing and inventory control, for the distribution of equipment to set up peacekeeping missions and for distributing humanitarian aid.

The focus of the courses is on ensuring that warehouse and inventory staff have the skills to cope in a fast moving environment, moving equipment quickly over great distances in some of the most difficult operating conditions in the world.

We have delivered courses to UN employees based in Iraq, Jordon, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Darfur, Chad, Rwanda, Pakistan and others, based out of the United Nations Global Logistics Base (UNLB) in Brindisi, Italy.

The training we’ve undertaken with UN employees has helped to bring about a reduction in losses and damage to goods and equipment and faster processing times, both of which are vital in ensuring that aid distribution happens as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our courses have been running since 2008, and we have received excellent feedback from attendees and UN training staff, as well as requests from the missions for additional courses.  Some delegates from the warehousing courses have also continued their training by enrolling on distance learning courses in CILT and CIPS through Distance Learning College and Training.

What is the United Nations Logistics Base?

The job of the United Nations Logistics Base is to ensure that the UN’s peacekeeping operations worldwide are efficient and effective. Some of the activities that take place there include:

  • Storing, maintaining and supplying the vehicles, supplies and equipment needed to start and run peacekeeping missions
  • Maintaining worldwide communication and IT networks for peacekeeping missions and headquarters, including satellite links
  • Refurbishing vehicles, generators and air-conditioning units for United Nations peacekeeping missions
  • Provision of ground support to aircraft movements through UNLB
  • Administration of training courses, seminars and pre-deployment briefings through the Center of Excellence Training Facility
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