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//Seasonal Forklift Safety Warning

Seasonal Forklift Safety Warning

Forklift truck hire firm Briggs Equipment is warning fleet operators to ensure that their staff are well trained in safety procedures in preparation for the festive season.

Warehouses and retailers are starting to take in extra stock for Christmas, and many are hiring temporary staff to cope with the extra demand. Studies commissioned by Briggs Equipment have shown that accidents tend to increase at this time of year as well, often as a result of temporary staff receiving inadequate training.

Briggs Equipment’s asset manager, Allan Parsons, said: “A study carried out several years ago suggests that between 10 to 15 percent of all accidents are the result of inadequate training, and this is likely to become a greater risk during busy periods when agency or other temporary staff are employed to cope with demand. However, other factors may also contribute to the problem, including more experienced staff taking procedural short cuts.”

Allan went on to say that businesses can reduce the risk of accidents by providing training and workshops on safe working practises to staff. He also warned that firms must ensure that their staff have the proper equipment to cope with the increased workload.

“The temptation to make do with what we’ve got may be greater than ever this year due to the current economic uncertainty, but businesses that have already made cut backs may be even more at risk of accidents as ‘overstretched’ becomes ‘overwhelmed’ during the Christmas rush.”

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