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//Benefits of Training to Employers

Benefits of Training to Employers

The Benefits of Workforce Development to Employers

Investing in training is not only good for your employees – it delivers real, lasting benefits to your business and your bottom line as well. Here are some of our top reasons to invest in workplace training:

1. Tailor the training to suit your business

Our courses are flexible, allowing you to tailor the course content to cater for specific business needs or to address skills shortages in the workplace. Because you can choose units to focus the course on your business’s needs, you can be sure your staff are gaining new knowledge and skills that will be relevant to your company.

2. Real life knowledge, professionally accredited

All of our courses are accredited by leading professional bodies, so you can be sure that your employees are acquiring up to date skills on courses developed to address real life business needs, with a strong emphasis on developing practical skills as well as building theoretical knowledge.

3. Accessible to all

Our courses are accessible to all – because the entry requirements for professional qualifications are based on working experience rather than academic qualifications, employees can start training at the level that best suits their skills and experience regardless of their existing qualifications. This means you don’t waste time and money putting them through qualifications that aren’t at the right level for them.

4. Work-Focused

Our courses are work-focused – many courses offer the option to undertake a work-based project as part of the study programme. This allows students to use their newly developed skills in a practical setting while delivering improvements to the business. This means they can be making real, measurable improvements to your company while they study!

5. Measure your staff’s progress

Professional qualifications are a useful benchmark for staff development, and provide a clear method of setting targets, measuring progress and structuring career expectations. This makes it easy to measure how your staff are developing, and gives them clear targets to aim for.

6. Increase your recruitment ROI

Investing in your workforce through training and development will result in increased motivation and commitment, and improving recruitment and retention. If you show that you’re willing to invest in your staff, you’ll find it easier to attract the best candidates to apply for your vacancies, and you’ll be more likely to hold onto staff for longer, reducing your recruitment costs.

7. Improve your business performance

Training develops your staff’s abilities to identify improvement areas and develop better ways of working, improving business performance and morale.

8. Give your business a mark of excellence

Investing in professional training for your staff will identify your organisation as investing in professional standards, and provide both your employees and your company with a mark of professional credibility.

9. Get the edge on the competition

Employees who are professionally trained develop skills to help them work better and smarter than those who haven’t undertaken this training, giving you a competitive edge.

10. Help your new recruits settle in

Training courses can help new staff members to find their feet and gain confidence.

11. Push talented employees further

Professional qualifications provide a structured training programme for developing high-potential staff.

12. Keep up to date

Courses can keep experienced staff members’ skills up to date, and help them to develop new skills to apply in the workplace.

13. Take advantage of funding

It might not cost as much as you think – up to 100% funding is available for workplace NVQ training, so you could get all of the benefits above without having to pay a penny.

14. We’ll work around your needs

Flexible delivery – depending on your company’s size and requirements, we can tailor our tuition to suit business needs, including extra tutor visits and in-person support for your employees as they study.

15. Improve your bottom line

All of the above contribute to making your company more efficient, your workforce happier and more motivated, your recruitment costs lower, and your business performance higher, and ultimately contribute to increased revenue and improved profits.

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