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//How a CIPS Course Helped My Career

How a CIPS Course Helped My Career

Emma Norman works in the Benefits and Rewards department of Carphone Warehouse. She explains how taking a CIPS course with Distance Learning College and Training helped further her career:

“Taking the CIPS course has made an unbelievable difference to my career. I initially took the course to change my direction but it has really set me apart from my other colleagues as I work within a very large company in the Benefit and Reward department being able to set yourself apart from the crowd is a must.

The course has given me a better understanding of processes within my department, I have been given opportunities to work on large project teams and have been given my own small project to manage.  At first I intended to take the course to change my career path but things have turned out very differently. I now also manage all the purchase orders and look at our current suppliers and tender new contracts and given the trying economical times I have been ask to look at cost cutting so the course has been invaluable to me.

When I started the course I couldn’t have realised the impact it would have.”

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