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Management Training

Management training can be a valuable investment for individuals looking to move into a management position or for companies looking to improve their staff’s performance.

About management training

Trained managers have the knowledge and skills to get the most out of the people or processes they manage, increasing motivation, efficiency and profitability. A management qualification marks you out as being familiar with up-to-date best practice and management techniques and shows you’re committed to your professional development. A professional qualification in management can help your CV to stand out from the rest, and has real benefits for your career – studies have shown that those with professional qualifications can expect to earn up to £81,000 more over their working lives than those without.

For businesses, management training can increase staff retention, motivation and recruitment ROI, as well as increasing business performance across the board. Offering staff training will allow you to develop high potential staff into effective managers, as well as keep the skills of more experienced staff members up to date.

Different Levels of Management Training

Not all management courses are the same – we offer management training at a number of different levels, depending on your job role and level of experience.

Team Leader (Level 2)

Team leader training develops skills and knowledge to enable team leaders to effectively motivate and develop a team. Team leader training courses often cover communication, problem-solving, coaching and resource management, as well as customer service.

First Line Manager (Level 3)

First line management training expands upon the topics covered in team leader level management training courses, as well as introducing new areas such as planning, leadership, change management, decision making and recruitment.

Middle Manager (Level 5)

Middle management training builds on the previous levels and introduces advanced level management concepts, covering topics such as information-based decision making, risk management, networking and project development.

Senior/Strategic Manager (Level 7)

Management training courses for senior management level focus on setting the strategic direction of an organisation. These management courses cover topics such as financial planning, information management and strategic planning.

Generic Management Training

Distance Learning College & Training offer generic management training courses from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). These courses develop general management skills and are relevant to all industries and sectors.

For information on choosing between CMI and ILM courses, see our article: CMI or ILM: Which is the Best Management Qualification for me?

Industry-Specific Management Training

In addition to generic management courses, the higher levels of our industry-specific training courses also cover management skills relevant to the area they cover.

CIPS Purchasing and Supply:

CILT Logistics and Transport:

IOE Export/International Trade:

IOM Manufacturing Operations Management:

Finding the right management training course:

Our expert course advisors are also available to help you find a course that will help you achieve your career goals – call us now on 0800 0126 770 for a friendly, no-obligation assessment.

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