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//University graduates ‘unprepared’

University graduates ‘unprepared’

Recruitment website TotalJobs recently posted a survey about how students felt they would cope in the world of work.  According to the research, in which 448 graduates took part, 38% of recent university leavers claimed Jobseeker’s Allowance since finishing their education.

This is backed up by recent Office for National Statistics figures, which show that one in five recent graduates were unemployed between June and September 2010, almost double that of unemployment figures before the recession.

With so many graduates struggling to find work, the Total Jobs survey found that a quarter of those questioned would not recommend university to people studying for their A levels, while 43% said they would not have chosen the same courses knowing what they know now.

[The reality is that as a country we haven’t been very good at creating graduates who are specialised in areas that employers are demanding]

Mike Fetters, graduate director at

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