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//UK Businesses ‘Missing Out’ On E-Learning Benefits

UK Businesses ‘Missing Out’ On E-Learning Benefits

UK Businesses risk missing out on significant cost and efficiency savings because of ‘outdated’ attitudes to e-learning, a group of learning experts has said.

At the first meeting of the Towards Maturity Ambassadors Group, created to provide advice and support to businesses in using learning innovations to improve business performance, it was suggested that senior management tended to overlook e-learning, and failed to recognise the benefits that technology could bring.

The group said that compared with traditional or ‘classroom’ training, a mature use of e-learning could deliver 18% cost savings, 22% reduction in study time and deliver twice the volume of learning.

Piers Lea, CEO of Line Communications said: ‘For the first time, we have objective, empirical industry research that shows a mature use of technology in learning can significantly influence business agility and efficiency. Business leaders need to challenge their staff to look beyond past experience and to ensure that they are equipped to make the most of new learning opportunities’.

Martin Baker , MD of the Charity Learning Consortium said ‘Of course, in the not-for-profit sector, value for money is just as critical. This evidence highlights that e-learning really is a practical and effective solution, but leaders in the sector have to support the change for technology to deliver.’

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