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//Youth Unemployment Could Hit One Million Mark

Youth Unemployment Could Hit One Million Mark

Experts are encouraging employers to consider apprenticeships as youth unemployment is predicted to rise above 1 million.

It is predicted that youth unemployment could hit the one million mark, with the ONS set to announce unemployment figures tomorrow. There is widespread concern about rising levels of unemployment amongst the 18-25 age group, as school leavers and graduates find it difficult to get jobs in an increasingly competitive recruitment environment.

Experts are urging employers to take advantage of internship and apprenticeship schemes to help young people get into the workplace.

“It’s alarming that employment is continuing to rise amongst young people,” Carmen Watson, Managing Director of Pertemps Recruitment Partnership said.

“Given Britain’s aging population, it is important that young people are placed into work early on, and employers should remain flexible and welcome them into the workplace through internships and internal mentoring and coaching.

“Employers need to realize the potential that the younger generation has to offer and harness those skills accordingly.”

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