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//Online Distance Learning Used By 44% Of Employees

Online Distance Learning Used By 44% Of Employees

The use of technology in education is on the rise, with 44% of trained employees taking part in online distance learning.

Research by the Cegos Group showed that while classroom training is still the most prevalent method of workplace training, the use of technology was on the increase as businesses introduced new learning methods to increase efficiency and cut costs.

21 percent of the users surveyed had also undertaken training on a smartphone or PDA, while 69% percent had used ’emerging’ training methods such as wikis, forums, blogs, podcasts or video conferencing.

“Learners today are looking for the perfect mix in their training,” said Francis Marshall, managing director of Cegos UK.

“While coaching and on-the-job training remain as popular as ever among European organisations, the younger tech-savvy generations, as well as the more experienced workforce, are clearly getting a lot out of these emerging tools in creating a highly engaged, immersive and yet targeted learning experience.”

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