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//Government ‘Should Fund Training’ for Redundant Public Sector Workers

Government ‘Should Fund Training’ for Redundant Public Sector Workers

More than two thirds of learning and development specialists believe that the government should set aside a fund to provide business skills training for redundant public sector workers.

A survey conducted at this week’s World of Learning Conference revealed that many people do not believe redundant public sector employees have the necessary skills to find work in the private sector, and that the government should provide training to help them develop the necessary skills to find new employment.

Andrew Gee, senior project manager at the organisers of the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition, Venture Marketing Group,┬ásaid: “It is clear from the survey respondents that some employers may be wary of taking on public sector staff because they feel they do not have suitable skills. It’s an issue which needs to be taken into account in today’s changing business environment as the government releases many civil servants into the job market.”

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