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//More Companies Using E-Learning for Organisational Change

More Companies Using E-Learning for Organisational Change

An increasing number of businesses are relying on learning technology to help their business move forward, according to a Towards Maturity benchmarking study.

The survey shows an increasing number of companies focusing on e-learning as a way to help them respond quickly to change and cope with the unpredictable economic climate. The move to e-learning and other technologies such as virtual meetings and online surveys could also be as a response to tightened budgets in recent years, as inreasing numbers of businesses use technology to aid with cost-cutting.

72 percent of the 600 companies surveyed said that learning technologies such as e-learning and mobile learning helped their business adapt more quickly to change, an increase of 11 percent on last year. 89 percent of respondants had used e-learning in 2011, with large numbers also making use of other learning technologies such as online surveys, virtual meetings and mobile learning technology.

A record number of businesses took part in the 2011 Towards Maturity benchmark survey, which is conducted annually to assess the impact of learning technologies in the workplace.

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