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DLC Learning Conference

Learning Conference – Wednesday 18th June – Radisson Blu, Durham

The DLC Learning Conference – held in conjunction with Adult Learners Week and supported by the Institute of Supply Chain Management – was a wonderful success!

Delegates to the event had an opportunity to network, take part in presentations, hear guest speakers and enjoy the day.

Nic Preston from Sfedi Awards captured the attention of the delegates with a vibrant presentation focussing on ‘The Entrepreneurial Spirit’ in everyone.  Asking attendees to identify whether they are intuitive, independent, resourceful, innovative, enjoy networking and building relationships. He began the thought process and opened up the idea that they may indeed have what it takes to be entrepreneurial.  We were then taken through a case study which highlighted how thinking in an entrepreneurial way can benefit individuals, organisations, communities and the wider social economic landscape.

Stuart Miller from North East Chamber of Commerce reminded the conference of the value of regional representation, how the NECC promotes investment within the region and acts on it’s members behalf. He shared encouraging facts about new companies investing in the region along with a reminder of just what the North East has to offer.

Amanda Dixon from I am You gave a thought provoking talk about the benefits of Social Networking to both individuals and businesses.  Highlighting Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ she generated great interest and lots of questions from the group!

Ben Kinerman-Daltrey & Ben Groves from Reed Courses guided the conference through the Link between Qualifications and Recruitment, reminding employers and HR professionals of the importance of Professional Qualifications when selecting candidates for interview.

Jacky Stansfield, Business Training and Development Manager from Distance Learning College and Training commented “A fantastic contribution by all delegates, guest speakers and the organising team, created a great atmosphere and encouraged questions and positive networking connections throughout the event.  I would like to thank all involved for their contribution to the conference and look forward to continuing our productive and proactive relationship”.

Everyone agreed that the Conference was a huge success, not least due to the interaction and enthusiasm of our delegates and guest speakers who all focused on supporting individuals and companies of all sizes to grow, become more productive, move forward, educate and to improve knowledge and skills.

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