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//Benefits of Studying with DLC for you and your organisation

Benefits of Studying with DLC for you and your organisation

Distance learning is a viable option for many individuals of all ages who wish to achieve a qualification in their chosen field. Distance learning allows you to study when and where they want, putting you in control of your studies. Once enrolled onto a course it is up to the learner to take responsibility for managing their own timetable to achieve their qualification. Opting to study via distance learning offers many advantages over the traditional learning environments.


Choice: Distance learning provides the opportunity to study more subjects and reach out to programs that are not available in the immediate area.

Flexible: Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional styles of classroom education. Students who need to take other classes or work can do class work whenever they have a free moment instead of being restricted to a rigid schedule.

Networking: Students who enrol in distance learning courses are open to a wider range of networking opportunities. Instead of being limited to networking in the local area, distance learning enables students to make connections with a more diverse range of people.

Pace: Distance learning enables students to work at their own pace in many circumstances. The requirements are not as strict and typically give a range of due dates when the work needs to be submitted.

Scheduling: The schedules for distance learning are more open and allow for students, parents and professionals to take the classes whenever it fits into their schedule.

Value for Money: Online courses and qualifications typically cost less than a classroom based education; here are less space limitations and materials required for each student and the savings are passed on from the educational institution to each student.

Travelling: A huge advantage to distance learning is that there is no need to travel to and from class every single day. Someone who doesn’t drive or want to spend money on the costs of public transportation every single day will likely choose to get an online education over the traditional classroom 

Effective: Each student learns differently and with distance learning it is down to the student to decide how to progress with their course and get the most out of it. Therefore online courses are just as effective, if not more, than the traditional classroom style of learning.

Personalised Support: When studying a course via distance learning students are assigned a personal tutor and have access to a dedicated support team, who can offer personalised, on-going support, tailored to the specific needs of the student. This one-to-one support is a key benefit of distance learning and ensures the student is able to effectively progress with their studies


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