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//Progress with a Professional Qualification

Progress with a Professional Qualification

The volume of students wanting to continue their professional development with the DLC has led to a new role being created to deal primarily with students progressing onto new courses upon completion of their original course. Our Student Progression Champion is dedicating to focusing on students who have either completed a course with us, or are due to complete a course in the near future.

Many of our students are realising the importance of continuing their professional development and investing in their future. The flexibility of distance learning is popular with students who desire a professional qualification but don’t have the time to attend colleges and other training providers. Being able to study to their own schedule, around work and other commitments, allows students the opportunity to complete professional qualifications and overcome the barriers they would face studying in a less flexible manner.

Some of our students like the flexibility of studying completely unscheduled, writing assignments and reading material whenever the opportunity presents itself. Others benefit from designing their own study schedule for times when they know they can focus completely on their books, assignments or exam preparation notes.

The added flexibility of the support offered by the Distance Learning College is also appealing to our students. Calling a mentor or tutor is ideal to ask a question or two or get some guidance on a unit they’re studying. It allows the learner to clarify their understanding there and then, leaving less room for confusion and uncertainty. Some of our students also take to Skype to contact us. Others, who want the information in writing to read and reflect upon, or refer to later, find email communication much more effective as the information provided remains there for them to review at any time.

Employers and learners alike are recognising the many benefits of lifelong learning and continuing professional development through distance learning and often work together to attain the qualification needed to enhance an employee’s role, or help achieve their goals of a promotion. Professional qualifications certainly enhance a CV, often demonstrating to employers that an employee is committed to their career and striving to be the best they can be in their profession.

Many learners with the Distance Learning College benefit from their employer investing in them. A number of courses enrolled on at the DLC are paid for by employers and this is something our Student Progression Champion is dealing with on a daily basis. Lots of students approaching the end of a course or following the completion of their course are contacting us on the suggestion of their employer to enrol on the next level of their course. Business are clearly recognising the benefits of continuing their employees’ development and the role the learning plays in enhancing their knowledge and ability. Having a qualification on a CV is nice, but the knowledge gained in the pursuit of such a qualification is what employers are really seeking and, in many cases, benefitting from.

Discussions on the DLC Learning Hub – – have highlighted how supportive employers can be in encouraging their staff to seek professional development. One of our learners commented on his IOM qualification, saying it was helping him enhance his career opportunities in an organisation that was very supportive and keen on him furthering his education. Another student told us he was asked to go on the course due to the growth of his employer’s business as they were opening a new site and wanted him to manage it.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of an employer who understands the benefits of professional development and is willing to invest in their staff. Some of our students enrol on courses to proactively aid their own career prospects, sometimes as a way to stand out in their current organisation and move up the ladder, or to seek a new challenge with a new company.

Our Student Progression Champion is now available to speak to students pursuing further qualifications and, to recognise the value our progressing students present to the DLC, we offer attractive discounts to returning students enrolling on new courses. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your future!

Paul Fahey

Student Progression Champion 

(0) 191 378 7520



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