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//Ashleigh Bulbeck: Embracing Diversity and Building for Success

Ashleigh Bulbeck: Embracing Diversity and Building for Success


Ashleigh Bulbeck: Embracing Diversity for Success (13:35) and Building for Success (15:00)

With over 15 years experience in management and HR/L&D, Ashleigh is highly regarded within the field of learning and organisation development. Not only that, Ashleigh also holds a CIPD post graduate diploma in leaning and development. In short, she knows what she’s talking about.

Ashleigh put her motivation to practice through a highly diverse career, applying, and picking up, many different skills. Each of her roles has been focused on the development of a company’s most precious resource – the people who make up the business. People development is at the core of Ashleigh’s philosophy. This started with an employee development role at a busy contact centre at EDF Energy, which soon developed into a management role at RWE Npower. Delighting in the idea of helping others gain their own ability to develop professionals, Ashleigh utilised her expertise at Kaplan Professional in her role as CIPD, ILM & CMI national development manager. Ashleigh designed, developed and delivered a wide variety of programmes helping professional realise their career potential. From there Ashleigh went on to work for LaFarge Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions company, where she worked as a learning development and programmes manager. Following this, Ashleigh worked as the learning & development business partner at community integrated care.

I told you it was a varied career!. Each stage has seen Ashleigh achieve success and grow, but more importantly to her, it has allowed her to help an incredibly diverse set of innumerable individuals to realise their own career ambitions. Which is why Ashleigh is perfectly suited to her role as DLC’s CIPD programme lead and tutor.

In the spirit of helping as many people as possible, Ashleigh has two different events at the success rally. The first is ‘Embracing Diversity for Success’, which explores the necessity of diversity- who better to lead such a charge than a person with vast experience of diverse situations! Creativity and innovation are central to this task; how can a diverse workforce effectively combine their ideas? Ashleigh will answer this question, and many more, in this short session.

The second is ‘Building for Success’, which explores the value of teamwork, how to best make use of different team members and the importance of keeping all members focused on the collective goal. This interactive session, which promises to be fun, will give an introduction to the meaning of working within or leading an effective and highly focused team.

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