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//Armed forces Corporate Covenant

Armed forces Corporate Covenant


Distance Learning College has a history of providing quality services to ex-forces personnel, which is why we are proud to announce our armed forces Corporate Covenant agreement.

The Corporate Covenant acts as a declaration of our support for the Armed Forces and each individual within it. We commit to the eradication of the disadvantages service leavers face and will actively seek out each opportunity to help those who need it as much as we are able.

The armed forces perform an extraordinary service to the liberties, safeties and well-being of each of us, but their sacrifices are often under-appreciated. The Covenant shows our respect for their service, but also for their often overlooked skills of fortitude, dedication and adaptability which ought to be utilised in the civilian sectors. We aim to support the promotion of these incredible skills, the transition into a new career and each of the individual service leavers through our day to day operations, communications, and career development courses.

It is a loss to industries and individuals when the potential of service leavers cannot be realised due to a lack of qualification. We aim to fulfill our responsibility, and perform our service for those who have served us and asked for nothing in return.

The Corporate Covenant is the recognition that our Armed forces fulfill their responsibilities, and on our behalf, sacrifice freedoms, face danger and sometimes suffer injury or death in the process. In return we offer our respect, fair treatment and assistance whenever possible. We urge you to do the same.

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