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//Bethany Fovargue – Seeking Success

Bethany Fovargue – Seeking Success


Bethany Fovargue : Seeking Success – 13:35

Three and a half years ago Bethany moved into an entry level position at Data interchange. In May of this year, she picked up Multimodal’s Woman of the Year Award. How does somebody achieve so much so quickly? Through a varied profile and an indefatigable spirit, Bethany has proven on innumerable occasions to be of paramount importance to the logistics field, rapidly building an astoundingly successful career.

It was the active pursuit of development which guaranteed Bethany’s success; the recognition that there were gaps which needed filling.  Co-founding the Peterborough PA Network to give Peterborough PAs, EAs and administrative professionals an opportunity to meet regularly for professional development and networking opportunities. Always championing a desire to share, learn and pass this desire on to other professionals.
The pursuit to fill the gaps continued as Bethany tackled an issue central to the growth of the logistics industry – the under-representation of women, she became membership co-ordinator of Women in Logistics, supporting the careers of women within the logistics field. Her career is testament to the value of women in logistics, dispelling the illusion that it is a domain in which only men can succeed.
This value is reinforced by the chair of the ‘Peterborough and Cambridge Group’ for The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, where she communicates her expertise to group members.

And that’s in three and half years, imagine what is yet to come!
Bethany’s success is due to actively seeking it out at every opportunity possible and practically utilising the all too often vague ‘transferable skills’ to support her journey to success.
This talk will give you what you need to practically utilise the skills you already possess.  Bethany is proof that this approach has incredible benefits. Bethany will draw on lessons learnt from her personal and on-going journey to success, from changing careers to building a personal brand and maximising your potential in your role.
The talk will be useful for those looking to develop or change their career, learn practical techniques, and most importantly, to those who wish to seek success for themselves.

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