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//Alex Borg – Change Management: A Focus on Supply Chain

Alex Borg – Change Management: A Focus on Supply Chain

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With over 20 years supply chain experience, on both local and international scales, Alex is a professional of unparalleled standing. It’s his vision of collaboration which underpins his success, building a knowledge based society through supporting international students, the business community and the supply chain industry. His recognition that sharing information and knowledge is the most important task on Earth, informs his unique business approach and stands as testament to his status as a modern thought leader within supply chain management.

These convictions led Alex to found the ‘Support and Supply Management Group’ (SSM), the first logistics and supply chain management education sector, providing training and consultancy all over the world. Alex has been involved in training activities since 1994, delivering various workshops; seminars and presentations in supply chain management for public and private companies, most notably, providing a variety of educational programs in Malta. In short, his prominence as a consultant and trainer makes him the perfect speaker for our success rally.

His focus on collaboration influences his talk: ‘Change Management – A focus on Supply Chain’. Alex draws on work by Martin Christopher, emeritus professor of marketing & logistics at Cranfield school of management, and many others, to present a talk based on the single most important issue in supply chain management: sustainability. Trends in volatility, though relatively stable till 2008, have sharply risen since then. The price of key resources can never be accurately predicted, and therefore it’s down to the supply chain professionals to discover new ways of updating the ‘conventional’ wisdom of forecasting and planning. Alex will show you the key attributes the future requires and will demonstrate how the difficulties of sustainability can be surmounted.

This talk is essential for anyone working within supply chain management or logistics. It gives you the chance to hear one of the industry’s best try to combat the biggest threat to stability within their fields and also gives you the tools and information to do the same.

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