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//Holly Dunsmure: My Success Story

Holly Dunsmure: My Success Story



Holly Dunsmure: My Success Story – 16:35

Having advanced through four stages of professional qualification: from CIPS Diploma to the Advanced Diploma through to the Professional Diploma and is currently on track to achieve her MCIPS, Holly is the perfect person to talk about success. How is success achieved, what is required and how do I implement these ideas? Holly will relate her personal story and guide you through the journey to your own success.

Of course, Holly’s success isn’t strictly related to the academic field, she as over8 years’ experience in purchasing and supply, furthering her career at John Nixon where she currently works as purchasing manager. Her skills, expertise and understanding of the values required for success have seen her allocated to CAPEX orders worth over £35,000,000. With this level of responsibility, Holly is somebody with the faith of her superiors and the ability to manage an obligation which would overwhelm a less confident individual.

This confidence is well founded, Holly has grown her career organically and purely through her own merits, perseverance and the capacity to constantly seek out improvement. From working as a buyer at Xtralite rooflights, to buyer at Haskel Europe, to her current position, Holly’s story is one of a person working their way up through sheer hard work.

Tap into Holly’s experience and find out what it takes to earn DLC’s lifelong learning award. Hear the highs, lows, compromises and successes which punctuate a remarkable career. The blending of this personal and professional within this talk will help you construct ideas about your future and inspire you to take action in your own career.


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