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//John Holton : Developing People and Growing Your Business

John Holton : Developing People and Growing Your Business


After completing a DPhil in Chemistry, John joined the ICI corporate R&D laboratory where he held a number of senior management positions. In the early 90’s he joined EVC/Enichem joint venture based in Brussels. Following this, John launched and then as managing director, led Invoyl, a new global business venture involved in specialty chemicals and technology licensing.

In 2005, John joined Cogent Skills, a company which works with employers to develop, design and deploy skills solutions for the science industries. As strategy director, his responsibilities included the development of the employer engagement strategy to enable Cogent to fulfil its fundamental objective – improving businesses from the individual up. John has focused on developing the right relationships and ensuring networks are in place to facilitate strategic engagement. This emphasis on engagement has played a key part in defining demand – led provision and raising employer’s ambition to invest in skills. In 2014 his experience was put to use when he became Cogent’s Operations Director, responsible for workforce development in the science sector with a key objective to establish the gold standard as the Gold Standard as the benchmark for excellence in skills.

John’s focus on engaging at the individual level, of showing what you can do for the individual rather than what they can do for you, has underpinned his success within business development. John will show you how to implement these ideas for the good of your business, and for the development, well-being and happiness of your employees. This talk is meant for all those who recognise the importance of being people orientated and wish to develop their business.


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