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//Marianne Page – How to be Successful

Marianne Page – How to be Successful


Marianne Page: How to be successful – 13:15

For a quarter of a century, Marianne stood out in a global organisation with 420,000 employees. Over these years, Marianne performed impeccably within a multitude of different roles, demonstrating many diverse skills in her mission to promote success.

Rather than give you a detailed rundown of her career, I will simply say that 25 years of experience within one of the world’s largest organisations – McDonalds – makes Marianne one of the world’s most qualified experts on the practicalities of implementing processes, systems and efficiencies. In short, she has a wisdom which comes only from a vast store of hands on experience.
Marianne learned the importance of engaging and developing a team to work the systems effectively, while keeping everyone focused on the customer and the need for continuous improvement.
Ultimately, Marianne learned that a business will be truly successful when systems run the business, and a high performing team run the systems, and her achievements in delivering through this formula, saw her recognised with two of the Corporation’s highest awards.

However, this is all the in the past. Marianne left McDonalds in 2009. Since then, this experience has been put to use in founding Bright7, a management consultancy firm. Marianne shares her knowledge based on her model:

Passion + People + Process = Profit

This model has seen McDonalds and other businesses grow, often dramatically. Marianne’s highly acclaimed book ‘Process to Profit’ explains this in more detail, but suffice it to say, this book shares the secrets to success.  Marianne’s mission in life is to help business owners to Simplify and systemise what they do, so that they can fulfil their potential and achieve true success, whatever that might look like to them.

I’m sure you’ll agree, Marianne ought to be considered the personification of success. But how did she get there?

A special ingredient is required to get this far, something which sheer experience cannot reveal: a secret integral to success. Marianne intends to impart that secret at 13:15 at the Distance Learning College’s success rally, as she gives a talk on ‘how to be successful’.
This isn’t aimed at a specific industry, instead, Marianne offers a universal approach which everyone and anyone can apply to their personal and professional development. The focus of the talk is on you. What is your definition of success? Why do you the things you do every day? How do you improve?
If you are interested in your success, come to this talk.

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