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//Nevil Tynemouth: Going from good to great and Getting the most from LinkedIn

Nevil Tynemouth: Going from good to great and Getting the most from LinkedIn


Nevil Tynemouth: Going from good to great (2:10) and Getting the most from LinkedIn (4:20)

Heard of Dyson or BlackBerry? You have? Well, it’s probably down to Nevil’s expertise – he launched them in the UK.
Nevil has worked as part of FTSE100 companies’ management teams for over a decade and in sales for 25 years – he knows what he’s talking about. He put this to use working at BT where he Nevil designed, launched and led a new sales coaching programme for over 400 colleagues. From General Manager to front line salespeople, this programme is still in place and being used to great effect.

With New Results Training, Neil actively seeks out those who can benefit from his expertise and go from good to great. The focus is on understanding the specifics of each client and recommending an approach based on these identified needs.
But that’s not all, Nevil understands the potential of social media and utilises it to great effect. He gives away easily digestible and incredibly useful sales secrets on YouTube in New Result Training’s ‘Try this week’ series.  Nevil has also released a book, ‘Sales Success on LinkedIn’, which expertly defines the importance of LinkedIn and then goes on to examine how it can be used as one of your most effective tools. The book teaches you how to apply your business skills to this social media sphere – giving you the tips, tools and long term strategies to connect and grow in the most beneficial way possible. It is a must read for all those who realise the importance of social media and cements Nevil’s reputation as an expert in this field

The philosophy behind his work is a simple formula:

Success is limited by your comfort zone
Your comfort zone is expanded once you step out of it.

By constantly making the choice and recommending clients to step out of their comfort zone, Neil removes inhibitions as a limiting factor for your success. With this approach, possibilities quickly become limitless, giving you a sense of achievement which multiplies the process.

In the ‘Going From Good to Great’ workshop, Nevil and Mike will share their blend of theory and practical experience to give you the ability to do the things you struggle with. Its benefits extend beyond sales and even the corporate level: into your personal life. This workshop is truly beneficial to all.

In the workshop ‘Getting the most from LinkedIn’, Nevil and Mike will share their social media expertise. With over 300 million users already on LinkedIn and so much functionality, it’s useful to know what the key things are that you need to be doing with your profile. Nevil will show you these things and more as he explores some simple yet hugely effective ways to get the most from LinkedIn.

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