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//Philip Chaganis OBE: Inspiring Leadership

Philip Chaganis OBE: Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring Leadership by Philip Chaganis OBE

Philip Chaganis OBE: Inspiring Leadership – A Different Slant- 16:00

As chairman of the Institute of Supply Chain Management, Philip is no stranger to success. He began a long and illustrious career in logistics in 1969 with the British Army, where he served until 2004. He was occupied with a wide range of increasingly demanding roles within various parts of the world and also led advanced training for military operations. The importance of Philip’s time in the Army cannot be overstated. His expertise saved countless lives and stood as an example to all those who followed him, and also laid the foundations for one of the most successful supply chain and logistics companies in the world.

Since leaving the Army in 2004, Philip has designed and delivered leadership and management courses for senior managers, worked for one of the UK’s leading political parties and spent three years as the logistics director of The Logistics Academy in Abu Dhabi. In the UK, Philip Chaganis is a long term member of the Royal United Services Institute and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. He is truly an innovative and established thought leader within logistics and supply chain management, inspiring professionals all over the world. There can be no-one better to lead a talk on how leaders ought to inspire.

The focus of the talk is on taking a different approach to leadership, breaking conventional ideas and adopting a collaborative approach to leading: after all, leading is all about other people. Philp will explore the ‘human factor’ present at every level of leadership and demonstrate the importance of the successful development of each individual who looks to you for leadership. Philip will demonstrate his varied experience of leadership challenges within his long career and will show how the involvement and influence of other people, above and below, is essential to our own development as an effective leader. This event is for anyone who wants to learn how to lead from one of the finest leaders in the world.


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