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//Alex Borg: Change Management – A focus on Supply Chain

Alex Borg: Change Management – A focus on Supply Chain

Alex Borg -Change Management - a focus on Supply Chain

At our success rally (available to see here) Alex gave a presentation on ‘Change Management – A focus on Supply Chain’ this is a written overview of the talk. The presentation itself can be viewed below.

Not changing is the same as falling behind’

With over 20 years supply chain experience, on both local and international scales, Alex is a professional of unparalleled standing. It’s his vision of collaboration which underpins his success, building a knowledge based society through supporting international students, the business community and the supply chain industry. His recognition that change is the most powerful force in the world informs his unique business approach and stands as testament to his status as a modern thought leader within supply chain management. As the founder and director of Support and Supply Management (SSM) Alex has ample opportunity to put his ideas into practice. In short, his prominence as a consultant and trainer made him the perfect speaker for our success rally.

In his presentation Alex was quick to apologise for the emphasis on supply chain management. However, the core of his ideas could be applied to any organisation. This core was the importance of change, both internally and externally, globally and locally. Being agile enough to respond the changing landscape brought about by rapid communications, technology and intense competition.

‘Think Global. Act Local.’
The practical advice was to keep plugged into your environment: your competitors, locations and markets. He cites the Arab spring as an example of a catalyst prompting change, this event had wide-reaching effects and changed not only businesses in the Middle-East, but people all over the world. Keeping in tune with these kind of things is important, simply because this is the world we live in: a constantly changing environment where being static just won’t cut it. The situation will change, and you should too. If you don’t change, someone else will, and you’ll lose your customer.

What is changing, and how can our businesses respond to it?’

The emphasis of the talk was to not focus on the change, but respond to it, whilst focusing on the fundamental objective. To not be static, but always in the position to switch procedures, even on a daily basis. He invoked Phil and Nevil’s talk (link), saying that the journey of success is fraught with changes. In order to develop we have to keep learning and keep changing. The only fixture, should be the capacity and necessity of change. There is no fixed strategy or model which is guaranteed to work and give zero risk, it just doesn’t exist as soon as a stable framework Is established, it’s already out of date. We must be fluid, and ready for change at a moment’s notice.

We at Distance Learning College and Training a grateful to have witnessed the talk, it was truly a masterclass from an industry expert, and a few words here can’t do it justice. We are constantly focused on finding the most efficient solution to all our problems and Alex completely changes the conventional business approach. It instead becomes a constant battle to manage and respond to change.  Many walked away with the intent of implementing a complete overhaul of their business practices. Watch the video to see for yourself.

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