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//How to Rescue Your Career

How to Rescue Your Career

If you’re reading this then odds are you are stranded in the sea of job dissatisfaction, lost in the mountains of underachievement, or even stuck in the burning building of unemployment.

“Nope, not me, I’m perfectly content with my career” – Said nobody, ever. You know you ought to strive for constant improvement

But don’t worry; we are here to save the day! This happens to more or less everybody at some point in their career. Whether it’s a change, a development or a start, the career rescue service is here for you. We’re speeding towards you, sirens ablaze, lighting the way to your career rescue!

But, how do you know you need rescuing? First you must call out for help. And this is where the rescue truly begins.


  1. Communication

When we first learn to communicate, the struggle is in understanding the language. How this word can mean different things in different situations and the best way to get our point across. The language of the workplace is no different, it’s difficult at first. So difficult in fact, that many people never become fluent and simply keep quiet and hope they needn’t say anything related to their career. Don’t do this; it’s a one way ticket to that sea you’re stuck in. Instead, give voice to your ideas, opinions and goals. Even mention things you aren’t happy about. If you communicate clearly, then what you have to say will be understood and valued.

Your interactions and communications with others will determine your effectiveness, your reputation and the perception of how capable you are – and ultimately your success in the business world. So if you want change, say so. If you are unhappy, say so. If you feel you could be better elsewhere, then say so.


We’ve heard your call and can’t quite find you. You can see us, alarms flashing and searching for you. You begin to lose hope. “They’ll never find me”, you think to yourself “I may as well stop trying”… But this is a choice. You ought to keep positive and keep shouting.   


  1. Positivity

Before you roll your eyes and think “I have heard this before”. Stop. Instead, keep your eyes on this rescue service. Though it might seem clichéd, the importance of a positive attitude be overstated. “I can’t do that” quickly becomes “How am I going to do that?” A positive person sees obstacles as something to be overcome, rather than something which blocks progress. They squeeze every drop they can out of any situation. You know this yourself, you feel it and see it around you. Positive people are magnets for admiration, praise and goodwill. Taken by itself “BE POSITIVE!” is poor advice and it’s hard to keep up all the time. So here are some general tips to become the enviable happy-go-lucky type:

  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Say “I can!” more than “I can’t!” Remember, everything can be framed positively; make a relentless effort to do so.
  • Try to add value and positivity to someone else’s life. Do good things for other people.
  • Don’t let vague fears hold you back. Identify those fears and you’ll easily overcome them.
  • Know your skills and talents, if you don’t know them, begin to know them.

Hopefully all this doesn’t seem too sickeningly syrupy. And, if it does, you’ve already failed! Remember: seek out the positives in everything you see.


Your positivity has paid off. We spot you and extend the ladder of progression, (or dangle the rope fulfilment). You seize it and begin to climb. Fatigue sets in and your climb starts to slow. You begin to slip back down into sea/mountain/fire you came from.
You simply cannot be bothered to continue climbing.

  1. Lifestyle

It’s not as if you should run a marathon a day or even go to the gym every day. But simply be active! It doesn’t have to be strictly physical; you could be mentally active too. The bottom line is “Don’t derive all your worth from your work”. Have a hobby you enjoy and are proud of. Do things that are different and try things you never have. If we ‘expand our horizons’ we will see that the world isn’t as big as our office.

You will find that many problems you have at work melt away into your other experiences. Being active outside of workplace gives you different approaches to solving problems, a new way of thinking or seeing solutions. You’ll meet different people, hear new ideas and all of them can contribute to your career success. Developing a fulfilling life outside of your work will keep your dreams and passions alive. Join a gym, a book club, and go to a class you know nothing about, go skydiving!
Relish all your experience and you’ll find your career will improve.


You’ve reached us! And climb aboard the flying, sailing, driving rescue machine. The world is open to you. But now what? you are out of the disaster but don’t know where to go next. Where do we go now, how to we get there?


  1. Training

Emblazoned across the side of the rescue vehicle, in big bold letters, reads ‘EXPERIENCE’. It’s time to put everything you’ve learnt to good use and make the choice to develop your career. I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve climbed up a rope already… what more do I need to do?” The answer is, quite a lot…
Whoah – step away from the ledge! Before you leap back to whichever disaster you came from, let me ask you whether or not you are truly satisfied, whether or not you think you can do better?

You can always do better.

Utilise everything we’ve talked about and choose to develop your experience. Grow your career in whichever direction you want, studying can be flexible and will allow you to progress without interrupting your current role or fantastic new lifestyle.

Look at is as an opportunity to improve both yourself and your career. Give yourself the chance to be the best you can possibly be. Find out what you need to learn, and go learn it.

“Actually, on second thoughts” you think to yourself, “I’m not ready to be rescued right now, maybe tomorrow, or the day after or even a week from now. Come back and rescue me then”…

With a sharp turn the whole rescue team looks at you with a mixture of confusion and disbelief on their faces. The vehicle brings you back to where you were and you have a choice. You can go back to what you were, or you can stay with us and be rescued.

I urge you to seize the day. What will you choose?




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