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//The End Of University?

The End Of University?

Graduate qualification is at saturation point as the majority of UK graduates work in jobs that don’t require degrees.


The latest CIPD research shows that over 58% of graduates are working in non-graduate roles. There are simply not enough ‘highly-skilled entry level’ roles and many higher level positions requiring an industry experience which most graduates cannot access. The standard degree isn’t valued as highly as it once was and many employers are starting to request degrees for traditionally non-graduate roles despite no change to the skills needed for the role.

However, this means a degree has much less ‘employability currency’ than in it had in the past. The skills which seemed unique to a graduate are not valued particularly high and seem outdated in a career environment in favour of tried and tested skills. For many people entering the world of work, choosing experience and highly specific qualifications is being increasingly recognised as the most optimal route to career success. The decline of the graduate is quickened by increased fees and increased numbers. For most, a degree is simply not worth the time and money invested.

Rather than the broad approach many degrees take, more specificity is required to access the higher level roles out of reach for recent graduates. The traditional approach to a career path – academic learning followed by experience – is on its way out. The future lies with the gaining of experience followed by qualifications which enhance specific skills and improve careers. Our mission at Distance Learning College is to carry on this learning evolution and provide people with the resources to ensure a career success which an outdated university system no longer guarantees.

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