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//The Top Ten Factors of Employee Satisfaction

The Top Ten Factors of Employee Satisfaction

New research from reveals the average age workers experience career contentment is 32. A person’s 30’s is the most important decade as people are more likely to find fulfilment at work as well as in their relationships – with most getting married in their 30’s. The survey also found that it takes an average of three job moves before British workers find career contentment.
According to Reed, striking the perfect work/life balance (20%) is a bigger factor affecting job happiness, topping both salary (18%) and job security (15%).
But the little things seem to matter most, with nearly a third of respondents stating that an easy daily commute helps them feel happier at work. A further one in three believes a cool office environment in three, whilst only 16% put their contentment down to their colleagues.
It seems a cold, silent office located next to a bus station is key to employee satisfaction!


A huge 39% were not currently content with their careers, with a quarter considering changing their jobs in a hope to find the one for them. Only one in seven are considering additional training to advance their careers, which is surprising given the amount of discontent.. Perhaps this means that many feel that their existing skills aren’t valued, overestimate their own skills or are unaware of training options. Regardless of the reason for the low percentage, qualifications are always of utmost of importance when looking to advance careers, increase skills and motivate and retain staff.

A person’s career is one of the most important parts of their life. Taking up, on average, eight hours, five days a week, it’s a substantial chunk of a person’s time and ought to be respected appropriately through a determined effort towards its constant improvement. Finding a job which makes you happy is vital; discontent spreads into our home life and can affect our non-work relationships. It’s best to provide an environment where staff feel valued, and are able to work to the best of their ability

Reed’s top ten factors which determine employee satisfaction are listed below. Give each a score of 1-10, anything less than a 70 demands a change of scenery

1              Easy daily commute

2              Cool / fun work space

3              Good work / life balance

4              Salary

5              Job security

6              Work social events

7              Working alongside inspiring colleagues

8              Good promotion prospects

9              Extra holiday

10           Dress down Friday

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