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//Distance Learning or the Classroom?

Distance Learning or the Classroom?

We could be seen as having a vested interest in showing you the benefits of distance learning compared to the classroom but don’t take our word for it, take a look below and find out for yourself.

Passive Learning:

  • Classroom – In a classroom setting those who are more confident tend to dominate conversations and share ideas, meaning those who are a little more ‘reserved’ may keep their opinions and ideas to themselves.
  • Distance Learning – There’s no classmates to compete with (woohoo) and you have various ways of communicating with your virtual ‘classmates’ via online communities and social media groups. Be free to spread your ideas!


  • Classroom – You have set timetables and a limited time to finish assignments and coursework (boo!)
  • Distance Learning – Learn where you want and when you want – perhaps on the train on the way to work? There are no restrictions; that’s the beauty of being fully flexible.


  • Classroom – Think of the travelling, meals and course materials, they all add up!
  • Distance Learning – There’s no travel, no meals to buy and you’ve already paid for your course materials – Cheap as chips!

One to one support:

  • Classroom – In a classroom you are one of many students. Let’s face it, you rarely get the one to one support that you crave and your teacher is less likely to notice when you need that extra bit of help. Do they even know your name?
  • Distance Learning – You will be given a designated tutor to help you through your learning journey. Yes, they will have other students but you have more ways of contacting them via the powers of: Skype, text, email and telephone.


  • Classroom – There are fewer distractions in a classroom as you’re basically locked in a room until the lesson is over.
  • Distance Learning – There is a higher risk of becoming more easily distracted outside of a classroom environment, however you’ve had the will power and determination to get this far, so have a bit of faith. Create a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and you’re on to a good start.

Of course, there is a need for traditional classroom learning; for starters you couldn’t have toddlers running loose without any structured learning but for you disciplined adults who have chosen to improve your future distance learning is a fantastic way to learn!

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