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//What your desk says about you

What your desk says about you

You spend a lot of time at your desk, so there’s no doubt that your personality will have an effect on how you organise your work space. It may surprise you that it says quite a lot about your personality to your fellow colleagues and employer.

Take a look at our guide and see if you can spot how you may be being perceived in the office.

An organised desk – You’re dependable

People with organised desks tend to be more contentious and task orientated meaning they get their work done on time.

Messy Desk – You’re creative

Having a messy desk isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it may cause others to judge you incorrectly. Everyone’s perspective of messy is different but we all draw the line at mouldy fruit!

Uncommon objects – You’re open to new experiences

Those with original art, lava lamps and diverse objects convey that they embrace new ideas and experiences, which normally go hand in hand with creative individuals.

Pictures of your hobbies –You’d rather be anywhere else than here

There’s a delicate balance between portraying your hobbies and interests and daydreaming. Your hobbies could be a great conversation starter but it they could also distract you from your work.

Inspirational quotes/posters – Low self- esteem

There’s a fine line between having a few inspirational quotes to motivate you on a tough day and tonnes plastered on your walls. In fact, more than one or two may convey a sense of low self-esteem or wanting to please others

An inviting space – You’re a social butterfly

You have sweets for visitors, tissues and a comfy chair for when people stop by. It shows you’re approachable and these individuals usually achieve promotions compared to introverts.

Awards and name plaques on display – You demand respect

An array of awards could be perceived as you want recognition for your achievements and to be ranked above other employees. If only your first name is on display on your name plaque you could come across as friendly and approachable but having your surname could be seen as more informal.

Spare shoes – Motivated

If you have a spare pair of shoes at work, it shows you’re motivated and concerned about your well-being. It also shows that you’re a go getter and always on the move!

Bare desk – You’re a newbie or looking for a new job

A bare desk conveys that you’ve either just started your job and haven’t unpacked or you don’t intend on staying and won’t bother making yourself comfortable.

Of course, the above aren’t set in stone but it is interesting to think that your desk is saying more about you than you may have first thought.

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