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//Interview mistakes to avoid

Interview mistakes to avoid


Let’s face it unless you’re an interview pro many of us feel a little like a duck out of water when it comes to the big day but don’t worry, here at Distance Learning College we’ve put together a guide of the most common mistakes made during interviews, so you can avoid any mishaps.

Being negative:

Being negative about your current employer is one of the most common mistakes and what potential employees don’t want to hear. They want to know that you can handle difficult situations and not run away when the going gets tough.

They’re looking to see how you would fit into their business and make a positive contribution.

Being unprepared:

Being unprepared is a big no-no! Re read the job description and your latest CV before the interview to refresh your memory of what the interviewers already know about you; but be warned this is still not enough!

It’s important to research the company’s culture as well as what is on their website to see what current challenges they are facing.

You can also take some pre-prepared questions to demonstrate that you’ve done your research and are taking the interview seriously by wanting to know a little more about the position/company.


You may have had a nightmare journey on the way to your interview but keep it to yourself, your interviewer doesn’t need to know the details and it could set a negative tone for the interview.

Talking about colleagues:

Being asked how you deal with conflicts is a common question but don’t use this as an opportunity to talk about those who you don’t exactly see eye to eye with. Hold back from blaming others for mistakes and talking about them personally as the interviewer is looking at how you would fit into their business.

If you do accidentally go off track, simply apologise and explain what you really wanted to say – you may be able to pull it back!

Being too nervous:

It’s normal to feel a little nervous but appearing too nervous could insinuate that you don’t believe in yourself and if you don’t, why should they?

Poor eye contact when answering questions and a weak handshake can all point to nerves and a lack of confidence and as interviewers are looking for good interpersonal skills, you may need to hold your nerves back as they could be detrimental to your success.

Not showing your personality:

In the current economy there are more qualified individuals looking for roles than there are roles, which means you need to let your personality shine through, as this will help the interviewer know if you’re the right fit for their team and business.

Developing a sincere interest in the individuals you could be working with, as well as the business is a advantage in any interview.

Saying something you shouldn’t:

If you make a mistake and accidentally say something you shouldn’t, you could get away with it depending on how the interviewer reacts. If it’s a bad reaction, simply apologise and move on. It is possible to redeem yourself after this but it all depends on the interviewer.


We all know it’s never wise to lie but this is especially true when being interviewed. Miraculously, if you are successful and get the job, think of how long you will have to keep up this lie until you get found out. It’s not worth it and you can always dazzle them without telling lies.

This is just a brief guide to helping you on the day but the best advice is to simply keep calm and be yourself. If you don’t get the job, take the feedback and discover what you could do in the future. Remember; every interview is great experience.

Good luck!

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