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//7 Ways to Ensure Online Learning Success – National Online Learning Day

7 Ways to Ensure Online Learning Success – National Online Learning Day

Friday 15th September 2017 is National Online Learning Day. It’s a chance to recognise that online environments provide students the opportunity to learn almost anything, from anywhere, at any time. Cultivating awareness of and support for the ever-growing community of online learners, Online Learning Day applauds the future of online education in all forms.

In recent years there has been a change in how people view education. Previously, it was very simple, you either chose the university route or you went straight into the working world. Now, however, people are choosing to gain further education in a multitude of ways. There is still the traditional university route, work-based learning, apprenticeships and much more recently, pursuing an online education.

As an online learning provider with over 3000 students in 101 countries and a surplus of experience, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to be successful when enrolling onto an online qualification. In honour of National Online Learning Day, we thought we’d share them with you;

1.Develop a Consistent Schedule

Studying online is a flexible and convenient way to fit further education into an already busy life. DLC recommend that you approach your study schedule as you might a classroom based lecture. You would normally attend at a consistent time each week, therefore you need to schedule time in your personal calendar to study the materials in your online course and complete assignments at the same time each week too. Treat those blocks of time as seriously as you would a face-to-face class by sticking to them dutifully.

2. Log into the Learning Platform Regularly

Logging into your online learning platform frequently will get you into the habit of checking in to read discussion posts, check for tutor announcements, be notified of reminders and review course materials.  While you are logged on, get involved and be an active participant in discussions. It’s proven that getting involved in forums and posts amongst fellow students or your student support team can be beneficial to your success when learning online.

3. Take Advantage of Available Tools

Online learning providers like DLC should offer a huge variety of online tools and resources to support you through your course. You should take the time to familiarise yourself with those that are available to you and use them regularly to enhance your learning experience. Distance Learning College’s Learning HUB boasts a plethora of useful websites, helpful documentation, guides and directories for each sector in order to ensure your success.

4. Connect with Other Students

Online learning needn’t be lonely or isolated. We highly recommend connecting with other students studying your qualification. Not only can you make new friends but it can be incredibly useful for your academic success. Create forums and threads to discuss units, generate ideas and share theories. Studying with Distance Learning College, you can converse with students across the globe who may offer new insight or observation to a particular topic. You may also find that other people are experiencing a similar problem to you, or they may be able to offer a solution to something you’re struggling with – our online environment is a great support network.

5. Find Your Dedicated Study Environment

Finding a dedicated study environment is an important trait for online learning success. Learners need a quiet place with a good internet connection, access to power, and freedom from distraction in order to produce their best work. Ideally, this would be a place you can routinely visit throughout the course so that when you are there, you know it’s time to get down to business.

6. Ask Questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the online documentation or from fellow students in the public forums, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your tutor or mentor. They expect to help and want you to succeed. If you have a question about course content, need clarification on a difficult concept – ask.  When you enrol on an online qualification with DLC, we assign you a dedicated student support team consisting on some of the industry’s finest talent and most experienced experts, of which you have unlimited access to. So ask away.

7. Apply What You Learn

Apply everything you learn as you learn it, so it will be committed to long-term memory. Wherever possible, take the things you learn in your online course today and use them in your workplace tomorrow. Also, make connections between what you are learning and what you do or will do in your job in order to cement the knowledge and allow you to fully understand what you’re studying.


If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of online learning, get in touch with our highly trained Course Advisors today on 0800 0126 770.

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