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//Fight Procrastination Day Today!

Fight Procrastination Day Today!

There is no better time than ‘Fight Procrastination day’ to seize the moment and start ticking of the ‘to do’ list with all the tasks we keep putting off, secretly hoping they might magically go away!

If you take a moment to think about each area of your life you will more than likely realise just how many things you keep putting off. From that ever growing pile of ironing to defrosting the freezer, procrastinating with the house work is just as likely as ignoring the awful tasks on the never ending ‘To Do’ list sitting on your desk at work.

For students it can sometimes seem like you need to be a circus clown. Juggling working with home life then adding learning in to the mix it can seem like there are just not enough hours in the day ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ is often the easiest way to make the workload seem manageable.

Fight Procrastination day is here. The time has come to take action.

We are very proud of the flexible learning we offer to all our students, we know that each of our students has commitments that they simply can’t ignore. That’s why our learners can work at their own pace, studying when it suits them, learning new skills and submitting work when they chose.

Here are our Top Tips to Fighting Procrastination:

The Deadline

Just because we don’t have deadlines it doesn’t mean they are not a good idea! Setting realistic deadlines throughout your studies is a great way to motivate yourself to finish reading that book or finish writing your assignment.

Our student support team are on hand to help you stay on track with your studies. Why not have a chat with them about how you are getting on and get their top tips for successful distance learning.

Save the best till last

Starting with the tasks you are least looking forward to doing and saving the more enjoyable ones to last, means you are more likely to complete your studies with great results. Doing the ‘worst’ first, whether that be the topic you have the least confidence with or the longest assignment means you can get it out of the way and progress on to the parts of your studies you know you are going to enjoy the most.

Don’t forget our Industry expert Tutors are here to support you throughout your training, offering useful insights in to your subject of study and providing detailed constructive feedback on your work. You are never alone when you learn with Distance Learning College and with support packages tailored to your requirements, you never have to wait till the next class to ask that question or find out how well you have done with your assignment.

Build a Bubble

Finding the best location that enables you to shut the world out and avoid the distractions means you can concentrate on your studies and increase your productivity. ‘The office environment’ is known as the ideal place to get work done, if you can create a similar space at home, then you are guaranteed to be able progress with your studies while having all the comfort your heart desires.

Here at Distance Learning College, we recommend finding a place at home that you can make your bubble or if, like many family living spaces, that’s just not possible staying in the office after work, taking over a meeting room or heading to the local library are just as good, if not better, places to get on with your studies.

Celebrate your Success

Setting yourself targets for completing sections of your studies is a great way to stay on track. Rewarding yourself for achieving those targets is the best motivation you can have to keep working on your studies. After all, who doesn’t love a treat! Now we are not talking winning yourself a holiday or that new car you always wanted. Save those rewards for when your newly gained qualification gets you that job you always wanted, or the well-deserved pay rise. We are talking realistic rewards – Finish reading the study guide, reward yourself with a nice hot bubble bath or a bottle of beer in the late summer sun, submit that assignment and celebrate with a cuppa, a slice of cake and an hour of relaxation.

Don’t forget we love to hear how you are getting on with your studies. After you have celebrated your success, talking with your mentor about what you are aiming for next is another Top Tip to success studying.

Study what you Love and Love what you study

Our Top Tip on Procrastination Day is to study the best course for you! Choosing a subject you are going to enjoy learning about or that is going to bring the biggest benefit to your personal development means you are going to be passionate about your studies.

Knowledge and understanding increases our confidence levels more than a compliment ever could. That’s why our expert course advisors take the time to understand each and every student they speak with. From the very first call to our team through to the completion of your training we are on hand to share our knowledge, offer our guidance and to let you just how well you are doing with your studies.

All that’s left for us to say on the 2018 Procrastination Day is  – Don’t Delay Get on track with your studies TODAY!!!

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