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If you work in purchasing, the chances are you might have heard that you need to be CIPS qualified. But what is CIPS, and how can you achieve the qualifications you need? Read on below to find out everything you need to know.

What does CIPS stand for?

CIPS stands for Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. CIPS is a widely respected cornerstone of the procurement and supply industry. This organisation aids the purchasing industry by promoting best practices, as well as representing the interests of the profession to both the government, and the European Commission. They also specialise in the development of procurement professionals, and accredit a number of qualifications for professionals to certify their skills.

CIPS Training

All procurement professionals are eligible to study a CIPS course, and can subsequently achieve the internationally valued MCIPS status, if they choose to do so. MCIPS stands for Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, and is one of the most highly regarded qualifications a purchaser can achieve. You can read more about MCIPS, and how you can secure this status, on our MCIPS page.

A CIPS qualification accelerates your career, and signals you as a valuable asset to potential employers. Consequently, a CIPS qualification delivers you with previously unattainable job opportunities. At Distance Learning College, we offer a range of CIPS courses, from level 2 to level 6. To find out more, read on below or get in touch with our friendly team.

What are the benefits of CIPS training?

As well as offering their services to businesses, CIPS work tirelessly to develop the skills and improve the knowledge of professional purchasers. As part of this, they offer a series of accredited procurement qualifications, which have become the industry standard for professional buyers.

Holding a CIPS qualification elevates your knowledge and expertise to an industry standard. This qualification is an objective indicator of your ability, and proof that you’re well versed in the industry. In fact, many employers require that applicants have secured a CIPS qualification or, at the very least, are in the process of achieving one. According to studies, members of CIPS can earn on average 29% more than those who are non-MCIPS qualified.

To find out more about applying for CIPS training and what this could do for your career, call 0808 2509 641 (Freephone) to discuss things in more detail with one of our friendly Course Advisors.

Achieving a CIPS qualification with Distance Learning College

Whether you’re a Purchasing Assistant or a Supply Chain Manager, studying CIPS courses with our 5-star distance learning can deliver almost immediate benefits to both your job performance and your employability. At Distance Learning College and Training, CIPS courses are available as part of our wide range of Purchasing and Supply Chain courses, designed to support every step of your career.

With our highly flexible distance learning approach, courses can be tailored to you and fitted around your schedule, so shaping your studies around your work and home life is incredibly straightforward. This means you can improve your knowledge and performance, without sacrificing your other commitments. Furthermore, Distance Learning College provides all students with a team of unrivalled industry experts to support you whenever you need them.

CIPS qualifications are divided into multiple levels. Each level accommodates your current industry knowledge. Whatever the extent of your industry experience, there’s a CIPS course to assist your professional development. At DLC, we offer:

On completion of Levels 4, 5 and 6, a CIPS student can apply to become MCIPS certified. Click here to read more about achieving MCIPS status.

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At DLC, we appreciate how important it is to achieve the right qualifications and secure your career goals, and we are here to support you each step of the way. If you’re thinking of applying for a CIPS course, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please give our expert Course Advisors a call on 0808 2509 641 (Freephone). We will be happy to talk you through the next steps for you career, and can answer any further questions you might have about how to apply.

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