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John Nixon Ltd was founded in 1967 and is based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

They are leading provider of plant, tools, accommodation units, portable toilets and site equipment to hire and have an ever expanding network of depots throughout England, Scotland and more recently the Middle East. They work in partnership with some of the world’s leading construction manufacturers including BomagThwaitesVolvo and Hilti. They are also official dealers for BomagThwaites and Volvo in the UK, ensuring a quick supply and competitive rates for some of the best equipment available.

Despite an excellent record, Nixon Hire knew they required a change; recognising the possibility of improvement and acted upon it. Specifically their goal was to develop the skills of existing employees in order to professionalise the department. Focusing particularly on streamlining processes to increase cost savings, eliminate waste in procedures and become a leaner, more efficient company.

Holly Dunsmure, Purchasing Manager at Nixon Hire choose to work with Distance Learning College and Trainingbased upon their sterling reputation and the ability for students to learn at their own pace and at a time which suited them.

The awareness of the importance of training staff cements Nixon Hire’s reputation as a far-sighted company who genuinely cares about their workforce’s well-being and job satisfaction. Their commitment to remaining progressive and innovative strengthens their reputation of being at the forefront at their industry for many years.

After using Distance Learning College’s training services Holly noticed improvements both on the professional and personal level. On a personal level she felt an increased pride in the ability to do the job to the highest standards. Professionally, she  was able to get profound new insights into chosen fields.

Holly Dunsmure, Purchasing Manager at Nixon Hire, concluded by stating:

“I would recommend DLC to another company because they are always there for support. DLC have helped me efficiently with all my questions and queries throughout my studies which is vital to progressing with studies.”

Increasingly we find that the extra support we provide makes the difference when it comes to successfully completing a course. We constantly endeavour to provide this support so forward –thinking companies like Nixon Hire can make the most out of their staffs’ skills and contribute to their own success in the process.